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What I Want to Wear Today... Short Dresses | Tall Boots + Shopbop Sale


If you have been waiting for the Shopbop sale, here it is!   Use code Family25 on all purchases through October 16th, 2014. 

Client... Dresses and Pretty Lace Things


Client Project... Thinking About


What I want to wear today...


Tuesday Shoesday | Red Pumps Redux


Tuesday Shoesday | Red Pumps

photo sources and additional outfit ideas available here

I have a client shopping for red pumps.   I wasn't convinced at first, but then I started to look into it a little more.   Well, I think that from cherry to oxblood, red pumps add a certain rich detail to a look.   I think I am all in...


Totally. Completely. Wanting... Flare Jeans


#tbt ... Pretty Dress Friday


Throwback Thursday on the Blog- A repost.  

I have been using so much camel and tobacco colored leather in my client projects {see here and here} it reminded me of this dress from a few year's ago.  I love camel, nude, tobacco, so much so I made a board on Pinterest.



Dress up Friday- Caramel Luxe


I love Dress up Friday!  I used to love Friday game-day in high school when the football team and the cheerleaders would dress up because of the game that night. It seemed to elevate the mood as well as the dress code.  I myself love to get dressed-up at the end of the week. I look forward to dressing up on Friday and doing things that I don't do the other days.  Friday is my social day; spent with friends, on a date, with a committee, or family, but in all it is social.  If I were in an office Monday-Friday, I would religiously up-hold a dressy Friday mandate.  Dress up Friday is going to be a tradition of mine from now on.  The gorgeous buttery leather dress in this set is made by Chloe.  It is no doubt a very spendy leather good.  It is however, remarkable beautiful and singularly stunning.   

Dress up Friday - Carmel Luxe

Client... New Wardrobe from A to Z {part 2}


Client... New Wardrobe from A to Z


What I Wore... Pave Cuff

What I Want to Wear Today... from the J. Crew Sale


Totally. Completely. Wanting ... Cheap and Chic