Milkshakes + Clark Kent + A Party Dress + 50 First Dates


Yesterday on the blog, I asked a question; What do milkshakes, Clark Kent, a party dress, and a 50 first dates have in common?   

The answer: My 20 year high school class reunion- and I am going to tell you why!  Watch how I add up MILKSHAKES + CLARK KENT + A PARTY DRESS + 50 First Dates into one story. 


I have so much that I want to say about my 20th High School Reunion.   First of all, I had the best time ever and need to make it back to my hometown more often.    I saw my friends, enjoyed the warm Utah summer weather and hit some of my FAVORITE spots.   

When I send a client to a big event it usually goes hand in had with some tried-and-true styling advice of how to get ready for the event, what to eat, and tips for success.   I followed none of my own counsel {think of it like a day with a FAT PERSONAL TRAINER, leaves you wondering a little...}

So, instead of noshing with non-carbonated lemon water, lean turkey and cucumber slices, the HUBBY AND I HIT IT HARD!   I am talking about load of Diet Coke and then we hit the real iceberg.   This isn't a metaphor, we hit "THE ICEBERG DRIVE-IN" in Salt Lake City for the best best best real ice cream giant deliciousness.   Yes, imagine it a little like pre-event drinks only without alcohol, or any refinement.   There we were with our melting amazing MILKSHAKES with just 20 minutes to go before we needed to walk into my reunion dinner.   It was like time was standing still and we enjoyed every last spoonful!  {The husband also had enormous onion rings and the secret Utah FRY SAUCE, if you must know}. 

Chocolate and Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes from The Iceberg Drive-In Salt Lake City

Clark Kent

I had some running around to do in Salt Lake City before my reunion {more about this in 50 First Dates}.   I was dressed in my casual-Saturday-top-and-jeans number when I hit Iceberg.   I had tested out my dress with jewelry in my hotel room {see sneak peek photo} to make sure it was still going to work, but that wasn't at 5:45, that was hours before.   Yes, folks, eating ice cream with the clock running  in a relaxed weekend ensemble as If time really was standing still.  

I had bought tickets for a dinner event and flown all the way there with an outfit to blow the whole thing off for a drive-in milkshake, get ready in a drive-in bathroom while standing on toilet seat cover and fluffing my hair in a dirty mirror.   Yes, this was my CLARK KENT moment, where I changed from something everyday into a much tighter, less ordinary, spandex something and I did it in a tiny phone booth bathroom under some very unique and harsh circumstances.   It isn't easy doing a full-back zipper while trying not to drag my butt in HERVE LEGER across the dirty potty.    

When I emerged from the bathroom in my dress and a bag of discarded clothes it was time to get a move on.   Husband was a little surprised at how the whole thing turned out, hopefully pleasantly surprised.   I did make sure there wasn't toilet paper stuck on my gorgeous shoes. 

A Party Dress

So much of an event is what you are going to wear, at least that is the case at The Pink Frock.   I spend a lot of time for my clients to make sure they have the EXACT thing for their event that they need.   I am a little OCD about the details; no heels on grass, no red lipstick for a wine tasting, no wash-and-go hair for work conferences.    I hope that all my clients love what they wear and wear something they love.    

Just like sharing my client style files here are the details: 
Dress - Herve Leger (from a private collection), a designer that I had worn before and had good luck wearing it {similar here, and here, and here for less than $150}.   
Shoes -were Christian Louboutin Very Prive in Black Patent {other options here and a cute sandal here}.  
Bracelet- Oscar De La Renta {no longer available but gorgeous options here and here for $6}
Milkshakes- The Iceberg {multiple locations see online}

50 First Dates 

Since this blog is mostly about clothes and other of my work products; I will do my best to wrap up my reunion weekend into a really really neat Pink Frock package.    I should confess that even though I dress other girls for their life events and am always picking out dresses, doesn't mean that I am doing the same thing for myself.  In fact having my firm The Pink Frock is a little bit of an obstacle for me to style my own event.

Think about the colorist with the way too much root grown out and almost like a black beanie- highlights?  An occupational hazard of being in a service related industry is that you can lose your motivation for tackling your own project, or simply run out of time to tackle your own project.  This is a real concern, especially if you are a fat personal trainer because WHO WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.
So here I am challenged to figure out what to wear to the occasions in my own life and still maintain some enthusiasm for The Pink Frock and vice-versa. That and I am so picky and OCD about having the EXACT RIGHT THING!   

I had a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to wear to suit the time of day, time of year, venue, and et al.  Here is the 50 FIRST DATES part.   Finding the perfect outfit for an event, mine or a clients is like dating...A LOT! 

Some first dates are awesome, have a lot of attraction, allure, and you want more.   Lots of times however they have NONE of those traits and are rather awkward, ill-fitting, or so boring you can’t stand it, some are sent home very early-  EXACTLY the same as sourcing a dress. 

I thought about a couple of different jumpsuits {see here and here and here} and a ton of dresses {check here } but didn’t ever feel the love.   Even after I had the dress that I wore I was still searching for something better {still like dating}.   I was even took my hubby to the mall {ummm... consider this like a "It's Just Lunch" speed dating scheme} in SLC, before Iceberg, for a final look around {hopefully this answers the jeans and t-shirts minutes before the reunion question} because I had to keep my options open.  

The truth is that it isn't your dress+shoes, it is how you feel, and if you are happy then you are all set, I needed change directions and instead of looking I needed to get to loving what I was going to wear.    So, I cut the speed dating off, went with what I had, got a milkshake, pulled the Clark Kent, and got on to the party.   Phew!

With the best, funniest, prettiest friends a girl could ever have in a lifetime!