Blind Date | Shoes and Hair


Hypothesis... Hard Science indeed

First things first- I can talk about hair all day long.  I can talk about anything hair, like what I am currently using {Morrocanoil Medium Hold both on my hair and as room freshener {almost} and all the other products and processes that go into having great hair.   That being said; shoes are super important and I want to talk about them A LOT too!

Let me tell you a story that includes both HAIR and SHOES that will prove the hypothesis above...

First the hair.  I was set up for a blind date on Friday.   Yes, yes, yes!  A friend of mine set me up for a blind date blowout at Browtique.   It is no secret that I love Browtique {} and last Friday I was booked for brows {because there is NO other option}, so it should have all made sense.  Except, I have my usual blow dry spots and it is hard for me to step-out with a new girl, because it feels PROMISCUOUS!  I had to push those feelings aside, because is it logical to think that the TV Show CHEATERS would follow me into a blowout to prove my infidelity?   Hardly, but that is hair OCD for you. 

As the appointment time approached I had the same nervous energy that I used to have when meeting a boy for a blind date {a long time ago in a far-away college before I met my hubby}.  I was worried about the blow out; would it be wet at the root, too much product, bad technique?   I have hair OCD, which is very different from having perfect hair, and with it comes much much worry about undetermined outcomes.    

My date, Angelina was a perfect {hair} lady from the start; sweet and funny and the consummate professional.   I had two washes, a softly scented conditioner, a perfect head and neck massage, and the right temperature of rinse.  Does this sound like I am setting the mood for a date?  

After the twirl of brushes and the ideal amount of dry (not wet at the roots and not scorched).  Angelina knew what she was doing and it showed.  Her training in Los Angeles and New York has made her an expert in giving gloss, twirl, and volume.  

This blowout was meant to last 4 days if I played my cards right.  Cards? My tricks include a great dry shampoo, a satin pillowcase, and sleeping with my hair in a softly-scrunchied high-ponytail.   4 days later I still got compliments!

Now, about SHOES and my real date with my hubby.  I wore so many shoes on Friday- everything from my Nike Flyknit to my Jimmy Choo pumps {busy day- lots of costume changes} that it was FLAT OUT time for something easy on the date.  I went with J Brand distressed jeans, a silk top from Equipment, my Chanel flats, and my blowout. 

Date Night included sushi and the luxury theater to see Man of Steel {which was GOOD even though I usually hate space-themes, was it because of the hair?}.  I have to think that when you have happy hair and a great shoe that you will AUTOMATICALLY like your clothes, date, and movie more than if you didn't.  Is this proof of the hypothesis?  Properly done hair and good shoes make for a really great time. YES!



*one more big thank you to Browtique, Dee, Krista, Lindsay, and Angelina for your unparalleled professionalism, friendship, love, and perfection* 

Flared Jeans | A Lovestory...


50% of women surveyed in a jeans poll recently said that they wished for the return of flared jeans.   I would say that they have never been out!  I can not get enough of my J Brand Lovestory or my Hudson Beth Baby Bootcut.    I would say that Victoria Beckham agrees; there is no shortage of pictures of her looking fabulous in flares.   

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Don't wait for a trend to come back around; wear what flatters you all the time.  



Weekend Wear | H, I, J Brand, Kain Label...


I'm shifting gears into a more weekend look today due to the sore knee and all the Halestorm jobs I have.    It is the end of school {no more teachers, no more books}, so I am about to get a ton of HOME-work, and need to dress for it. 

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Flat Out| My Favorite Flats


I have hurt my knee while running so no heels for me this week.   Check in here for my favorite flats.