Which Shoe? | A vote on The Pink Frock Blog


I need some help.... I have an obligation that I am working on that requires a few very specific pieces to the outfit.   There are parameters that I must work within and cannot change.    I want to hear your vote on which shoe shoe be the pick.    Let me explain further.

The details are as follows; work event with cocktail attire, outside, East Coast, evening, white silk dress {like here, or here, or here}, and there will be LAWN and speaking at a podium.   Please also note that the requirements also include a very difficult to find size.   

I have narrowed it down to the above picks because they suit all requirements and will still keep the project within its set budget.   The Kate Spade Pump is elegant and adds a ladylike refinement to the look and possess a heel that will not sink into a lawn.  They will also provide stability during the speech.   The gold wedge is more jewel like and adds a glimmer to the ensemble.  I like to pair a little warmth with a great frock for a  cocktail/dinner event.   The wedge will still have a stable heel and elevated profile.  

 I would love to hear any thoughts.    I am also open to suggestions, but please email me first amber@thepinkfrock.com to ask the specifics.