Vacation Wardrobe | The Real Deal in What to Pack | The Pink Frock


I read an article about women going on holiday. This article included survey results showing what items a woman buys before vacation and how much she typically spends.    SOOO... what was the big news?   I gave a sneak peek {here} 6 dresses {see a cute one here}, 5 tops, 2 shorts, 3 pieces of jewelry, 3 pairs of sandals/shoes, sun lotion, a beach bag, sunglasses,  and 3 cosmetic items.   Wow!   Supposedly this is the average woman.  I would add the average Pink Frock woman would also have white jeans.   It is 100% fact that you cannot vacation in the summer without a great pair of white jeans.

What surprised me is that the average women spent roughly $373 these 22 items, which is just under $17 per item.    I think this is the staggering part of all of it as it takes an inordinate amount of effort to shop and find that many attractive items in a range of quality that you can live with.   I love a great bargain and shop for lots of Chic and Cheap items {see here} but I am finding the total number of items and amount spent a little hard to believe. 

What I really think is that the women surveyed ROUNDED DOWN to the FURTHEST HUNDRED. Yep, I think this is creative accounting just in case names were used when this was published.   I think this mathematical creation was to satisfy YE OLDE HUSBAND {it was conducted in the UK} more than it was accurate.

Let's get on with it...    Make sure you pick a color palette for vacation so that you aren't tossing in all sorts of nonsense into the suitcase.   For my capsule wardrobe I have used Mint, Azure Blue, Peony, White, and some mixed metallics.   Please note that this wardrobe pays only a modicum of attention to price- I don't think it is anywhere close to $373 but then again it isn't $300,000 like Gwyenth Paltrow's Goop Spring Layout either.

I would definitely pack a top that could double as a swim cover {a tremendously chic one at that} and I would pack a great tank {maybe silk} that could go into evening with the white jeans and heels with a fabulous earring.    I would also insist that all of the bottoms be a style that you wear ordinarily- don't start experimenting with short shorts, or crop pants, or maxi skirts if you don't really like them.   Vacation wardrobes should be appropriate for the activities and location AND appropriate for the wearer.   I prefer to buy new pieces with vacation in mind but that will integrate into my closet well when I get home.

Tops and Bottoms {in rows from the top left} Peplum Top | Tory Burch Tunic | Tank Top | Striped T-shirt | Kimono Wrap Top | White Jeans | Pink Shorts | J Brand Denim Shorts 

Swimwear- make it great.   There are so many amazing swimsuits at every price point.   Inexpensive bikinis to Herve Leger wrap-suits can all be yours.   The trick is to buy the ones that make you the happiest.   I am love crochet details, ties, and twisty elements this summer.

Swimwear {Clockwise from top left} Crochet Back Tank Suit | White Crochet Lace-Up | Mint Bikini | Pink Bikini 

All of the extras... well the survey said 3 pairs of sandals, sunglasses, 3 pieces of jewelry, 3 cosmetic products, a beach tote, and sun lotion.   Phew, that was a mouthful.   Here are all the gems that I have found; which took absolutely forever considering there were 22 items on the list.    Shopping for holiday buy good looking shoes that fit and flatter.    Warm weather get-aways require only a minimal amount of makeup; great lipstick, a luminous face and hair cream, and a fantastic nail color.

Extras {from top left in columns} Christian Louboutin Espadrilles | Aldo Sandals | Tory Burch Miller Sandal | Sunglasses | Necklace | Tory Burch Tote | Earrings | Ring | Lipstick | Butter Nail Polish | Aerin Beach Cream | Sun Lotion 

There is all is in one spot for a complete vacation wardrobe that will have you looking AMAZING on your holiday.