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I need some help.... I have an obligation that I am working on that requires a few very specific pieces to the outfit.   There are parameters that I must work within and cannot change.    I want to hear your vote on which shoe shoe be the pick.    Let me explain further.

The details are as follows; work event with cocktail attire, outside, East Coast, evening, white silk dress {like here, or here, or here}, and there will be LAWN and speaking at a podium.   Please also note that the requirements also include a very difficult to find size.   

I have narrowed it down to the above picks because they suit all requirements and will still keep the project within its set budget.   The Kate Spade Pump is elegant and adds a ladylike refinement to the look and possess a heel that will not sink into a lawn.  They will also provide stability during the speech.   The gold wedge is more jewel like and adds a glimmer to the ensemble.  I like to pair a little warmth with a great frock for a  cocktail/dinner event.   The wedge will still have a stable heel and elevated profile.  

 I would love to hear any thoughts.    I am also open to suggestions, but please email me first amber@thepinkfrock.com to ask the specifics.



What I want to wear today...


What I want to wear today... This gorgeous champagne-colored dress from Alice and Olivia.   It has just the right amount of sparkle.



Vacation Wardrobe | The Real Deal in What to Pack | The Pink Frock


I read an article about women going on holiday. This article included survey results showing what items a woman buys before vacation and how much she typically spends.    SOOO... what was the big news?   I gave a sneak peek {here} 6 dresses {see a cute one here}, 5 tops, 2 shorts, 3 pieces of jewelry, 3 pairs of sandals/shoes, sun lotion, a beach bag, sunglasses,  and 3 cosmetic items.   Wow!   Supposedly this is the average woman.  I would add the average Pink Frock woman would also have white jeans.   It is 100% fact that you cannot vacation in the summer without a great pair of white jeans.

What surprised me is that the average women spent roughly $373 these 22 items, which is just under $17 per item.    I think this is the staggering part of all of it as it takes an inordinate amount of effort to shop and find that many attractive items in a range of quality that you can live with.   I love a great bargain and shop for lots of Chic and Cheap items {see here} but I am finding the total number of items and amount spent a little hard to believe. 

What I really think is that the women surveyed ROUNDED DOWN to the FURTHEST HUNDRED. Yep, I think this is creative accounting just in case names were used when this was published.   I think this mathematical creation was to satisfy YE OLDE HUSBAND {it was conducted in the UK} more than it was accurate.

Mother's Day | What I want to wear today | The Pink Frock


Mother’s Day

The Perfect Mother’s Day : Impossibly Chic Ensemble + Fabulous Hair + Gray Diamond + Valentino Rockstud Sandals + Four Boys that make my life amazing

Francine top is visually stunning and has been called Alice Temperley’s favorite . This appliqued silk beauty is just the right touch of ladylike and perfect for a Mother’s Day fete. 

Freya skirt- a swirly girly striped silk-blend organza and satin midi. In a perfect tomato red and refined detailing.   Of course I want this to be in my Mother’s Day outfit

Saint Laurent Belle Du Jour Clutch Bag, Nude.  If you haven’t taken a peek at the new Saint Laurent (bye bye YSL moniker) you should.  The soft and supple leathers and the history behind this famous maker are a peerless combination.

Valentino Rogue Rockstud Slingback.  My Pink Frock readers already know that I am 100% completely obsessed with Valentino, Rockstud, and strappy sandals.   This is my favorite I think.   

Coral Chandelier Earrings- interesting and special.   I would love to open up a pretty wrapped box with these inside.   
Grey Fancy Diamond Ring- Think about the words I have written here: FANCY DIAMOND RING.   That pretty much sums it all up
Mother’s Day Box of Blowouts {6} Guaranteed to bring a smile to Moms face - and an even bigger smile to her hair.