Saving Face | Browtique | The Pink Frock's Busy Season


I gave a little sneak peek {here} about this post, and it has everything to do with BROWTIQUE saving my face, my dignity, and my spring!

SPRING... What Does that mean to me?  First let me say that spring time commitments tend to get in the way of blogging; work, charity events, wedding clients, new mommy clients, volunteer obligations, and of course my family. So, it has been a couple of weeks and for that I apologize.

Behind the scenes at The Pink Frock has been a completely overwhelming amount of responsibilities for me.   I have tried to find the balance in life and have become very practiced at saying "no" to jobs and extras I know that I cannot handle.  After all of the "no's" I am still left with 4 amazing sons to raise, and incredible husband that loves to spend time with me still, and the non-profit events that I find demanding but rewarding. 

I find myself faking my way through family dinners (quesadillas and tangerines?),  skipping the spin class (well you know I need new shoes), and didn't make my bed (ok, twice, but that shows that things really are slipping).   What I can not fake is skincare and eyebrow grooming!

Yes, I said it!   Did you think this was a true confession of terrible neglect (you read the part about the unmade bed, right?).   The neglect was gradual, with a little bit of half-effort in the skincare department despite having all the right products, and the brows.   I felt like I was keeping up with it ok, tweezing strays and using a brow brush.   HOWEVER, this was not enough.   One day during the height of my Spring FRENZY, I needed serious help, and I really had no time.

 I knew what the fix was... I needed to get to Browtique as soon as possible.

I say this as openly and honestly as I can.   It felt like I was headed to an URGENT CARE, and in some ways, I was.   Here is more brutally honest confession- I had overly stressed skin that was fighting back in a fierce way, AND my brows were long and so overgrown.   I think that they were dragging on my sunglasses.   I don't think I was quite to a "BERT AND ERNIE" style of eyebrow, but it felt that way.

Browtique is a place of refuge for the wayward brow- whether it is overgrown or over-groomed, they can help.   I wouldn't go anywhere else in San Diego.   That is unless you want your entire brow taken off by nail-shop waxers or overly plucked by who-knows-who.   I have actually seen a low-budget waxing shop taking off a woman's chin hair and mustache in the FRONT WINDOW of the shop, so every passer-by could see her shame.    My quickly scheduled appointment brought me the peace that I needed.   I sank back into the chair and let the magic happen.   It is the most soothing experience {I bet you have never heard than about a eyebrow appointment} and I let the skilled ladies of Browtique take over.   These ladies know me and all about how to help.   Services aside, I love Browtique for the warmest and loveliest atmosphere in the industry.

I am not going to get too far into the specifics {find a service menu here}of what I needed in this appointment because frankly it is embarrassing.   Let's just say that my skin was BEYOND stressed and in a condition that I can't speak about and my brows were just sad sad sad.   All of this felt like a heavy weight, a condition that was draining me because it needed to be managed and I really didn't have it in me.

I will say that I got everything I needed from my appointment.   I felt lighter  {a great brow appointment will actually make you feel like you have lost weight} and a whole lot brighter {so many other things that helped this}.   To make it even better, I left with... wait for it... PRODUCTS!   It is so important to get great products and have a knowledgable practitioner who can recommend the SPECIFIC fix for you.

Here are a few of the things I picked up.....

The Perfect Pad

An Incredible Mask

A Miracle Serum

These three are a powerful trifecta and along with all the other magic tricks I came away with saved my face.   Yes!  Totally True, Saved my FACE!   I am not one of those girls who has to be convinced spend a little time and money on myself to feel better, I already KNOW THIS, but in this case I simply was over-committed and under-powered for what Spring had in store for me.   So while Quesadillas and Tangerines for dinner never hurt any family, ummm... letting life get too out of control and having the BROWS I had was simply TOO MUCH.

All my love to Browtique,