What I Want to Wear Today | Miu Miu Bow-Embellished Bandeau Swimsuit



What do I really need to say about this item?   I mean take a peek!   It is pinky cotton candy-like sherbety perfect topped with a bow?   If that isn't the epitome of a Pink Frock pick for a lady-like swimsuit than nothing is.   How gorgeous would this soft pink be with a golden tan, a diet coke, and some perfect flips poolside?   I know you are with me on this.   Net-a-Porter has it styled with the cutest pool appropriate pants you will ever see {here}.    

For the flips I am thinking something glossy...

{a have a pick here, and here, and here,} but what I really really want to wear along with this sweet Miu Miu Bow Suit is the glimmering Jedda Snake Sandals from Kors Michael Kors.  

 I can not pretend for one minute this is what is going in my suitcase for Spring Break with Halestorm {my rowdy handsome fun fun fun family of four sons and hubb}, but it is what I Want to Wear Today...