What I want to wear today | Lanvin Jumpsuit, All Jumpsuits, and Body Bands...


Stunning! This the only thing that I want to wear today. A silk button-front jumpsuit in Fushia. As I sit at 7 sporting events today for my family wearing my weekend jeans and my spirit colors I am dreaming of something else.  Since $1800 for a jumpsuit isn't for everyone here are more options: Blush Pink Sleeveless by Thakoon,  a to die for black one, and a darling darling one for less than $25.

The truth is I am became completely infatuated with jumpsuits last summer when I bought a black strapless one to wear in Costa Rica.   {ahem... the real real real start of the jumpsuit infatuation was in junior high with the store UNITS.   I became completely madly deeply in love with soft jersey knits and BODY BAND type belts.   Ask my family, I wore a body band with everything!}

At Villa Marrakech Playa Langosta

It turns out that I think about them all the time and how comfy chic there really really are.. like in a loungey luxe Mrs. Roper kind of way.     For even more great jumpsuit ideas please check in here.