The Pink Frock | Forever Fit....{a client review}


I have mentioned {probably 1000 times }that I love white jeans. There is no better way to start off a warm weather get-away than with a clean flattering pair of white jeans.  I have a fabulous client and friend who had a great adventure and it all started of with- YOU GUESSED IT-  a pair of white jeans.  My client Deanne mentions that she spent only a little money to get ready for her big get-away and it was on a pair of fabulous white jeans.   Read more about this below...

"Amber, from The Pink Frock, is absolutely the best at what she does!  I do body composition challenges where people work hard to get into great shape.  My first place prize for many of my winners has been to give them a consultation with Amber so that they can experience a new outfit for their new body.  My clients would work extra hard to get this opportunity to work with Amber.  She has an amazing ability for dressing someone from head to toe for that special occasion without breaking the bank, something I’ve never been able to do on my own.  Whether you want to update your wardrobe with the latest trends, build a timeless wardrobe, find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, or rework what you already own, there’s no better consultant than Amber!

After getting such great feedback from my clients that had used Amber’s services, I finally had the opportunity to experience her expertise first hand.  My husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas to see a concert.  We would be staying at a beautiful hotel and dining in some of the nicest restaurants there.  I live in workout clothes.  I quickly assessed my closet and decided I had NOTHING to wear. Not having the time or disposable income to go shopping for 4 new outfits, I called Amber in a panic.  She convinced me that I probably had more than I thought I did in my closet. She came over and spent 2 hours helping me go through all of my clothes, discarding the items that I was holding on to but not wearing, and reorganizing my closet with a system that allowed me to see what I had, what holes I needed to fill and more easily mix and match what was in there.  I was shocked to find out that I only needed a couple pieces to update my wardrobe.

Because of my busy schedule, I still couldn’t find the time to go get those pieces with Amber. So she showed up at my doorstep the night before my trip with tops, pants, jackets and jewelry in hand.  We went up to my bedroom and she pulled out the complimentary pieces in my closet and began to assemble some amazing outfits.  She could do this so easily because of all the time she had spent with me on systematizing my closet.  By the time we were finished, I had more outfits than I needed for Vegas.  Every one of them was amazing and I quickly decided there was only one solution, I would just do a wardrobe change every couple hours to take advantage of them all!

I was worried about how much this would all cost but then I noticed that she had only bought a couple of pieces (and they were very reasonably priced). Most of what she brought over had no price tags on them.  Come to find out, she had visited a few of my friends, told them about my special trip and they very generously let her come into their closets and borrow what I needed. 

The next day, I took off for Vegas and I have to say, I have never felt so good about what I was wearing on the airplane.  Amber convinced me that I needed to show up in Vegas (I was meeting my husband there), feeling and looking fabulous.  She was right! From the minute I stepped on that plane until the minute I got home, I felt like I was wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion.  My husband could not stop telling me how great I looked and how much he loved what I was wearing (he enjoyed all my wardrobe changes).  At the end of the trip, he did say, “OK so how much did you spend at Nordstrom’s getting ready for this trip?”  When I told him that I spent $150 and that everything else was borrowed, it blew his mind!

If I had a special occasion coming up, I would absolutely call on her to help me assemble the perfect outfit.  And I know that she can do it within my budget.  Three years later, I am still using the closet system that she showed me and my closet is a quarter of the size of my last one.  Amber is a true professional and I can’t wait for the opportunity to use her services again."

As always I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved with amazing women.   Deanne Ryder of Forever Fit San Diego is no exception.   I loved this project and I love the work she does helping ladies find the body that they want to have.