Pharmacy Favorites...{French Pharma - Bioderma}


Pharmacy Favorites- The French Pharmacy miracles continue to be revealed.   I love digging deep in drugstores and reading reading and doing more reading about products.   Yet, it seems that the French always have the upper hand {no political comments at this time} in the pharmacy category.   Is it any wonder that the summers I spent in France included a daily pharma run {children in tow} and many many suitcase sent home plum full of my finds. {Evian Atomizer Spray, and those sunscreen supplement capsules to name a few}.

On to Bioderma {Yes this is the blurriest picture ever- does it make you think of an illusion or something magical?} it is simple and perfect and 100% effective.   It removes makeup and dirt with a simple sweep of the cotton pad.   There will be no heavy rubbing of the delicate eye tissue or stripping of your lashes.   Attention Spring Breakers- Once you try it you will never want to be without - no hotel face soap will do for you, plan ahead and get a travel size.