Gym Crush | How to Look Great at the Gym


Gym Crush

This is my blog segment devoted to workout style and trends because so many of us spend a lot of time in workout clothes. We could be wearing them for legitimate exercise, or maybe it is just a weekend uniform, or the default for the morning school-run. Regardless of how you wear workout clothes, I have a few suggestions {evolved from Amber's Rules for Amber} to help you look great.

Sock Cankles


No Visible Panty Lines
No Sock Cankles
Watch the Cleavage
No Husband's T-Shirt

No Visible Panty Lines

So, lets say that you do wear gym clothes for the gym. Why, when you are working your butt off on the treadmill, spin bike, or Pilates mat, would you wear UNDERPANTS to emphasize your bottom and show through your pants? I do not understand.

Either buy high quality performance workout pants{ like these, or these, or these} in compression or other technical {sweat proof NON-SHEER} fabrics and go sans-underwear {these tights were actually designed to be an all-inclusive garment so no undies are needed} or buy appropriate panties like Commando. The Commando varieties with flat wide straps lie flat against your flesh and don't show through. Big Girl panties cut your butt into 4 sections so while you are trying to lose it through exercise it actually multiples into MORE CHEEKS and looks terrible when peeking through your pants. Thong underwear looks vulgar when it is peeking out above your waistband. Needless to say I vote "NO" on the thong in workout bottoms.

No Sock Cankles

Do not let your socks show above your shoe line. When you are wearing shorts, crops, or running tights, a sock that cuts your leg off above the ankle is not your friend. This sock takes away the natural contour of the leg as it slims from calf to ankle. Voila, you now have a CANKLE {a calf/ankle}. This quickly makes your legs look thick and stumpy and just disappear I to your shoe. Wear socks the same color as your sneaker and make sure they sit at or below the shoe line. This allow your well-turned working out ankle to show and you look thinner-better-more polished- like you know what you are doing.

Watch the Cleavage

Zella {look at this fab top} and Lululemon {total gym stunner here} have brought out a really sexy variety of workout tips never seen before. They have shown girls that you don't need to wear that college t-shirt to sweat in anymore. It really has been a gift the revolution in technical fabrics that fit, flatter, and wick moisture. A little goes a long way- be decent and don't show too much décolleté. Make sure your exercise bra or tank fits you {cute one here}.

 This means more than just getting it on your body. Fit means that is an appropriate size and your girls aren't getting squeezed out of the top. I have seen too many nipple peeping tops {I suggest these too} lately for my own comfort. Too much cleavage is distracting to me when I'm in yoga and that is all I see in the mirror {my own included- I'm embarrassed the whole time} and it doesn't have the allure you think it does. Keep a little mystique {this is the same idea behind not-shaving your under arm in front of your husband or "going" with the door closed, MYSTIQUE}.

No Husband's T-shirt

What I mean here is no cotton t-shirts whatsoever; husbands, boyfriends, from college, free with credit card sign up, or moldy old Gap.  NO COTTON.   It is now the modern times in workout apparel and there is zero need to wear a cotton tee.   They don't perform!  They show a sweat stain in the armpits (ALWAYS- even if you think you don't sweat).   You need a wicking garment designed for sports.  Choose a top that fits like a t-shirt (like this or this) if you don't like tight fitting tops, but for heavens sake make it a performance piece of clothing.

These rules aren't hard- they emphasize smooth, long, and lean silhouettes without bulk, sweat stains, and 4 butt-cheeks.   Easy!