Blossom Mother and Child | The Pink Frock ... Sneak Peek


I had the chance to collaborate with Blossom Mother and Child in London. O loved it! This is just a little sneak peek with more details to come.

Blossom is a super stylish company with great clothes, products, and advice for pregnant and new mommies. They really want you to dump the pregnancy frump and look great, feel great, and be great during this special time of life.

I was asked to style some looks for a girly day of shopping, lunch, and other expantant mommy fun.

The first of my picks are in the beauty category. Of course you don't have to be pregnant to take advantage of my recommendations- lush hair and luxurious body wash is good anytime.



Give-Away | Snake Zippy Backpack by Topshop



Don't miss the chance to enter to win the Snake Zippy Backpack by Topshop.



What I want to wear today | Byron Lars Beguile at Anthropologie


This is what I want to wear today... nothing else.  No jeans, no t-shirts, just this intricate laser-cut dress from Beguile, the exclusive line at Anthropologie by Byron Lars.   Ok, I would want to wear shoes too like these, or these, or these, or the pair below.



What I want to wear today | Lanvin Jumpsuit, All Jumpsuits, and Body Bands...


Stunning! This the only thing that I want to wear today. A silk button-front jumpsuit in Fushia. As I sit at 7 sporting events today for my family wearing my weekend jeans and my spirit colors I am dreaming of something else.  Since $1800 for a jumpsuit isn't for everyone here are more options: Blush Pink Sleeveless by Thakoon,  a to die for black one, and a darling darling one for less than $25.

The truth is I am became completely infatuated with jumpsuits last summer when I bought a black strapless one to wear in Costa Rica.   {ahem... the real real real start of the jumpsuit infatuation was in junior high with the store UNITS.   I became completely madly deeply in love with soft jersey knits and BODY BAND type belts.   Ask my family, I wore a body band with everything!}

At Villa Marrakech Playa Langosta

It turns out that I think about them all the time and how comfy chic there really really are.. like in a loungey luxe Mrs. Roper kind of way.     For even more great jumpsuit ideas please check in here.



Tuesday Shoesday | Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire | Other Amazing Shoes


Yes!   I have finally put a picture of me sort-of-me on my blog {oh yes, and that other time, here}.   You see, I love clothes but never never never wanted to model anything {except if you count the times my sister and brothers and I were in the department store ads in our hometown}.   I couldn't resist taking a picture of my new Solitaire Pumps from Jeffrey Campbell {my first pair from Jeffrey to be perfectly honest}.   I couldn't love a shoe more!  

It is everything that it needs to be; sexy, pointy, ankle -wrapping perfect pump {#wrapmeupthepinkfrock on Pinterest for more shoes}.   Even though I will, want, wish, I could wear these pumps with everything, I will limit how many times I trot out of the home in these stunners BECAUSE I don't want to get sick of them {as if} and I don't want my friends to get sick of them.  {I love this shoe, and this shoe, and this shoe too}.

I ended up wearing them with my favorite Theory pencil skirt, a tulip pink blouse, my YSL Arty ring, some bracelets, more bracelets, and a simple belt.

If you are local to me please feel free to buy these pumps are wear the HECK out of them, however I reserve the first right to wearing for venues that we might both be at {schools, church, Drybar, my house, Urban Plates, Whole Foods, and Torrey Pines Preserve (I wouldn't really wear them there but have to make sure!)}.



The Pink Frock | Forever Fit....{a client review}


I have mentioned {probably 1000 times }that I love white jeans. There is no better way to start off a warm weather get-away than with a clean flattering pair of white jeans.  I have a fabulous client and friend who had a great adventure and it all started of with- YOU GUESSED IT-  a pair of white jeans.  My client Deanne mentions that she spent only a little money to get ready for her big get-away and it was on a pair of fabulous white jeans.   Read more about this below...

Gym Crush | How to Look Great at the Gym


Gym Crush

This is my blog segment devoted to workout style and trends because so many of us spend a lot of time in workout clothes. We could be wearing them for legitimate exercise, or maybe it is just a weekend uniform, or the default for the morning school-run. Regardless of how you wear workout clothes, I have a few suggestions {evolved from Amber's Rules for Amber} to help you look great.

Sock Cankles


No Visible Panty Lines
No Sock Cankles
Watch the Cleavage
No Husband's T-Shirt

No Visible Panty Lines

So, lets say that you do wear gym clothes for the gym. Why, when you are working your butt off on the treadmill, spin bike, or Pilates mat, would you wear UNDERPANTS to emphasize your bottom and show through your pants? I do not understand.

Either buy high quality performance workout pants{ like these, or these, or these} in compression or other technical {sweat proof NON-SHEER} fabrics and go sans-underwear {these tights were actually designed to be an all-inclusive garment so no undies are needed} or buy appropriate panties like Commando. The Commando varieties with flat wide straps lie flat against your flesh and don't show through. Big Girl panties cut your butt into 4 sections so while you are trying to lose it through exercise it actually multiples into MORE CHEEKS and looks terrible when peeking through your pants. Thong underwear looks vulgar when it is peeking out above your waistband. Needless to say I vote "NO" on the thong in workout bottoms.

No Sock Cankles

Do not let your socks show above your shoe line. When you are wearing shorts, crops, or running tights, a sock that cuts your leg off above the ankle is not your friend. This sock takes away the natural contour of the leg as it slims from calf to ankle. Voila, you now have a CANKLE {a calf/ankle}. This quickly makes your legs look thick and stumpy and just disappear I to your shoe. Wear socks the same color as your sneaker and make sure they sit at or below the shoe line. This allow your well-turned working out ankle to show and you look thinner-better-more polished- like you know what you are doing.

Watch the Cleavage

Zella {look at this fab top} and Lululemon {total gym stunner here} have brought out a really sexy variety of workout tips never seen before. They have shown girls that you don't need to wear that college t-shirt to sweat in anymore. It really has been a gift the revolution in technical fabrics that fit, flatter, and wick moisture. A little goes a long way- be decent and don't show too much décolleté. Make sure your exercise bra or tank fits you {cute one here}.

 This means more than just getting it on your body. Fit means that is an appropriate size and your girls aren't getting squeezed out of the top. I have seen too many nipple peeping tops {I suggest these too} lately for my own comfort. Too much cleavage is distracting to me when I'm in yoga and that is all I see in the mirror {my own included- I'm embarrassed the whole time} and it doesn't have the allure you think it does. Keep a little mystique {this is the same idea behind not-shaving your under arm in front of your husband or "going" with the door closed, MYSTIQUE}.

No Husband's T-shirt

What I mean here is no cotton t-shirts whatsoever; husbands, boyfriends, from college, free with credit card sign up, or moldy old Gap.  NO COTTON.   It is now the modern times in workout apparel and there is zero need to wear a cotton tee.   They don't perform!  They show a sweat stain in the armpits (ALWAYS- even if you think you don't sweat).   You need a wicking garment designed for sports.  Choose a top that fits like a t-shirt (like this or this) if you don't like tight fitting tops, but for heavens sake make it a performance piece of clothing.

These rules aren't hard- they emphasize smooth, long, and lean silhouettes without bulk, sweat stains, and 4 butt-cheeks.   Easy!



What I Want to Wear Today | Miu Miu Bow-Embellished Bandeau Swimsuit



What do I really need to say about this item?   I mean take a peek!   It is pinky cotton candy-like sherbety perfect topped with a bow?   If that isn't the epitome of a Pink Frock pick for a lady-like swimsuit than nothing is.   How gorgeous would this soft pink be with a golden tan, a diet coke, and some perfect flips poolside?   I know you are with me on this.   Net-a-Porter has it styled with the cutest pool appropriate pants you will ever see {here}.    

For the flips I am thinking something glossy...

{a have a pick here, and here, and here,} but what I really really want to wear along with this sweet Miu Miu Bow Suit is the glimmering Jedda Snake Sandals from Kors Michael Kors.  

 I can not pretend for one minute this is what is going in my suitcase for Spring Break with Halestorm {my rowdy handsome fun fun fun family of four sons and hubb}, but it is what I Want to Wear Today...



Tuesday Shoesday | Alexander Wang | #wrapmeupthepinkfrock


Currently Obsessed!   I can not get enough of ankle-wrap shoes.   I mean my heart skipped a beat with these Alexander Wang Aminita Sandal.   This red-hot modern ankle-wrap is stunningly sexy and with out a rival I dare say in the smoking hot #wrapmeupthepinkfrock {a category I have created on my Pinterest}.   All I can say is Yes, Please!

Here are my other picks from Alexander Wang for Tuesday Shoesday and #wrapmeupthepinkfrock.

Emma Pump

Are you in love yet?   If you are loving the ankle-wrap alluring ladylike amazing gorgeous shoes above but want a less-than-luxe price point, I have some great options for you.

There is a fabulous ASOS pump for less than $55 that I adore, A glimmery perfect sandal by Calvin Klein that I want,  and night-out silvery ankle wrap by Rebecca Taylor that I am getting today.



Beach Style...coming soon


A little more sunshine lately and everyday is longer than the last.  I am shifting gears from February to Spring.   Look at what is on my mind...

I would love to hear your travel plans for spring break.   We can pack together...



Pharmacy Favorites...{French Pharma - Bioderma}


Pharmacy Favorites- The French Pharmacy miracles continue to be revealed.   I love digging deep in drugstores and reading reading and doing more reading about products.   Yet, it seems that the French always have the upper hand {no political comments at this time} in the pharmacy category.   Is it any wonder that the summers I spent in France included a daily pharma run {children in tow} and many many suitcase sent home plum full of my finds. {Evian Atomizer Spray, and those sunscreen supplement capsules to name a few}.

On to Bioderma {Yes this is the blurriest picture ever- does it make you think of an illusion or something magical?} it is simple and perfect and 100% effective.   It removes makeup and dirt with a simple sweep of the cotton pad.   There will be no heavy rubbing of the delicate eye tissue or stripping of your lashes.   Attention Spring Breakers- Once you try it you will never want to be without - no hotel face soap will do for you, plan ahead and get a travel size.



Wearing...{Actually} | My Birthday

Let's start the birthday {my birthday} talk out right with me getting a manicure in my vary favorite color.   Oh, so this post won't include all of my birthday details {shopping, dinner, clients and fun galore, that will come later as it was a LOOOONG WEEK}, it will only include this KILLER NAIL POLISH.  It is OPI I Have Herring Problem.   It is like wearing blue jeans on your hands- it is unbelievably flattering.   It looks good with all colors- brights, pastels, and LULULEMON {see my  Run Swiftly Top in the photo?}.    I couldn't resist snapping a picture of it against the sand on my beautiful birthday beach run...