What I want to wear today... DVF, Givenchy, and YSL Paris


What I want to wear today is this dress by Diane von Furstentberg {look for details here} Fushia silk with a wrap-effect it couldn't get more feminine and lady like than that {a gorgeous sister dress here for less than $70}.   I love dresses and if this was in my real closet instead of my wishing closet, I would wear it today for Valentine's Day.

Ohhhh... and what would I wear it with?   Only the most gorgeous suede and chain link {not everyday you get to wear chain link} sandals from Givenchy.   They are absolute stunners, make no mistake.  {look here for details} {a completely stunning substitute for less than $50 here}.

The very last thing that I want to wear today is Yves Saint Laurent Paris Perfume.   It is my very favorite and while I have a couple of variations of it, I don't have this one, Premieres de Roses.   It is girly and rosy and completely alluring.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that Cupid is bringing it home.