Pharmacy Favorites...{French Pharma - Homeoplasmine}


I love Pharmacy beauty products!  Purpose soap and my other secret picks are the stuff my dreams are made of!   I have a particular affinity for French Phamacies: magic shops and science labs all in one.   The summers I have spent in France are comprised of site-seeing, macaron and ice-cream eating, cooking, seasonal markets, clothes-hunting, and FRENCH PHARMA raiding.

I recently sent a list of my favorite things to a friend who was going to Paris for a very special birthday. She spent her birthday week in a cooking class, walking tour, and camped in a French Pharma {she says her husband is a saint for his patience with that errand but he now view French Pharmacies with the same eye as Micheal's or Joanne's Fabric}.  

This product is my all-time favorite after Evian Atomizer's {brought home a suitcase full on the last trip,  in the Tres Grande size}.  Homeoplasmine  is a miracle balm- heals dry skin, chapped lips, acne, any irritation.   It is an all in one for the makeup kit, it is similar to an Aquafor-type product but silkier and smelling similar to ROSES.   It is divine!   As it turns out you don't have to fly to Paris to pick it up but you can get it in the States now if you look.   I have found Homeoplasmine Extra Large 40g on Amazon {it can't get any easier than that}.