The Pink Frock: On the go... {a client review}


I am always so grateful for the opportunities I have with The Pink Frock.   I enjoy the time I spend on with my clients and love to think that I made shopping less intimidating and more fun than it would have been.    I am always so happy to hear that it was a positive experience.

From my client and friend Sandy,
" I knew it was time to seek help when people didn't recognize me atschool pick up on the days I actually showered and put on "regular"clothes (not workout clothes). While I love clothes and stylish things, I don'thave the fashion sense or patience to shop and find "just the rightpiece" so I enlisted the help of my fabulous friend Amber at The PinkFrock. 

Amber was a dream to work with! She has such an easy going style andsuch an amazing knack for looking great ALL the time. She is a busy, stylishmother of four children so she really understood what was important tome--stylish yet comfortable. I needed to be able to bend down to pick up myyoung son but not have my back side hanging out of my low rise jeans. She tookthe time to not only ask me what I wanted/needed but also spent timeinternalizing that and coming up with a plan. So, when we went shopping, shegot down to business.
I arrived at Nordtrom Rack freaked out about the racksand racks of clothes and shoes, and Amber took over and pulled what she wantedbased on my input with ease as if she had the entire store memorized!! 
Sheassisted me in the fitting room, helped make outfits, and was very professionalin her feedback---it was actually FUN for me to go shopping for the first timein a long time. I came home with a bunch of stylish outfits that werecomfortable, that I WANTED to put on! I could easily go from being mom thecarpool/taxi/playdate gal to a casual dinner out with my husband. 
It didn'tstop there, though, Amber came to my home and helped me organize my closet andgave me tips and tricks on how to hang and categorize things. She put togetherabout 25+ different outfits with accessories and shoes and had me takepictures so I could remember what to pair up with what.   Amber is an angel. 
And,all of this happened within the budget I had shared with her up front. Ifyou need fashion assistance, whether its for a special event orcloset overhaul/makeover, Amber at The Pink Frock is the gal for you." 

Sandy Dallas Herman

For ideas of what to wear as a mom on the go {work, sports, charity functions, special events} please follow my board "Mom on the Go" on Pinterest.   I am always shopping and searching for stylish picks that will fit and flatter a busy lifestyle while still allowing a lady to accomplish all that she needs to do during the day.