Money Maker... Drybar and My Hair Obsession


Lemony Fresh Clean and Baby Powdery Perfection. I have fallen in love with a new hairspray! It doesn't happen to me very often {still loving Moroccanoil and Loreal Elnet} but nevertheless it happened.

Drybar's new product lineup includes the Money Maker hairspray. A product designed for invisible, brushable, and flawless soft hold. I also mentioned it smells incredible! I have an obsession with hair and hair products; high quality, great smelling, and incredible results only.

Since I smelled my first whiff of Aussie Scrunch Spray in middle school I have been chasing down the right- make that perfect hair products for me.

Money Maker is a must add... Plus is the spray is a forceful micromist. This will not glop your hair up or only hit a quarter size patch at the crown. This is a beautiful all over hold.

Available at The Drybar- online or in stores.