Gym Crush...


Great News!  I haven't seen anyone one stretching in the steam room this week or any other of the gross locker room behaviors that I have reported on before.   Nope, just I just got exercise and cute finds.  I don't even have any tales of any gym class boyfriend scandal {or am I choosing not to say?}.

Of, course we are back to Lululemon.   I would feature other brands if I had seen something I liked recently, but alas, I have not.  

The pink yoga mat is a sweet cupcake colored addition to an all black line up.   I love the floral cut-away design on the water bottle.   I think the headwrap is WAY better than some of those TURBAN {yes turban, in the modern age, I know... ghastly} styles that I have seen, and a fab winter alternative to the run visor.   I also can not get enough of the bag- a satchel, carry-on, professional {yogi, doctor, traveler} kind of special.

If you have a Gym Crush of the retail variety, please send it to me at and we can look into it together.