The Pink Frock | Client Project | Wedding Guest


The Pink Frock | Client Project | Wedding Guest

I think that wedding season is one of my favorite times of year at The Pink Frock.   There is always a lot of activity and the requirements are VARIED and INTERESTING!   I might be asked for some help fro anything from a  backyard exchange of vows to hay-on-the-floor rodeo wedding party.   It is exciting and fresh and keeps me working.   

I love this Halston Heritage dress in pomegranate. It is formfitting glam and rich color in a very perfect package.   This dress is well-suited for a country club wedding with under-the-stars dancing and glittery heels. {I would add this edgy jacket too}

The rest of my picks for the event include glamorous but restrained accessories:


I love the rosy patina of these ankle-strap pumps by Schutz to add depth and warmth and a little more



Cheers to Wedding Season,


What I want to wear today | Moda Operandi and Dreams of Something Sunny


What I want to wear today | Narcisco Rodriguez

I am caught in another cycle of cold weather, kids, winter break, and work-heavy obligations sooooo of course that leads me to dream of impossibly chic charmeuse gowns and skyscraper heels.   I have absolutely 100% fallen for an online clothes porn haute couture website, Moda Operandi {Shop Trunkshows Here}.   So,  as I flip the virtual pages of Valentino, Prabal Gurung, and Narcisco Rodriguez {many many many many more...} I feel a great and NEEDED distance from my surroundings.   I love the gown by Narcisco Rodriguez above and can imagine a a very fanciful occasion with  sparkling lights and stimulating conversation amongst a swirl of the heavy silk charmeuse.    I have in my mind's eye that this gown would be absolutely wow! on a beachy venue with golden tanned limbs and a just a simple sweep of lip gloss and the blackest of mascara.

In my dreamy state {again putting some distance between me and the freezing rain and full-time work, kids, and RESPONSIBILITIES} I am thinking about my trip to Costa Rica last summer.   It was heaven on earth and I hopefully with have the chance to visit Villa Marrakech again.   The beach, the sunshine, the Pura Vida; all of it so perfect.  I have in my mind that these pants would have been perfect for Costa Rica {another option here}.   I think the silky gorgeousness and bright design makes for a stylish travel pant.   It isn't so loungy like putting on my bikini and heading to the airport, but it would make a nice transition from the U.S to paradise.   I imagine these beauties with an array of tops like a bright white tank or Kain t-shirt.   I love the platform sandals in this picture but I would also probably slip a pair of flat sandals in my suitcase too {like these, or these, or these}.

With spring break coming up it wouldn't hurt for me to get a REAL clothing plan instead of my fantasy sympathy COMFORT EATING  SHOPPING thing that I am doing on Moda Operandi.   Im sure it is like any addiction and I should cut back gradually- maybe I will scale back to Net-a-Porter  {sigh and smile}.



Winter Storms | Don't Put Away the Boots


It seems we have been hit by another round of winter.   Take heart, the Carnaby Snake boot by Hunter is the perfect way to keep the rain off your feet and bring catwalk styling into your commute, a school-run or big city transit.   You will look incredible the entire time.



The Pink Frock | Client Project | Gala


I am so excited to work on a Gala styling project.   I loved this dress when I saw it on FLOTUS {pictures of Michelle Obama here} and I think that it will look great on my client.  The Gala is not black tie, nor even semi-formal.   It is in a balmy climate in the spring at an upscale venue and the dress is to be cocktail | sunny | ladylike.

Of course there will be shoes or shoes, necklace,  and other accessories; including this gorgeous clutch.

As always, I couldn't be more grateful for the lovely ladies that I work with on a daily basis.  It is the sweetest and most rewarding way to shop.



Perfect Peplum Dress | Mango

Perfect Peplum dress | Mango

I had a noon time urge to start shopping for my birthday dress.    I love this peplum dress from Mango.  It is sweet and ladylike and has all the alluring details I could want from a dress.   I haven't made my final decision yet, but this is definitely a strong contender.



Tuesday Shoesday | Jimmy Choo and ShoeMint

                               Top- ShoeMint for less than $40 | Bottom- Jimmy Choo for $650

Tuesday Shoesday | Jimmy Choo and ShoeMint

Pharmacy Favorites...{French Pharma - Homeoplasmine}


I love Pharmacy beauty products!  Purpose soap and my other secret picks are the stuff my dreams are made of!   I have a particular affinity for French Phamacies: magic shops and science labs all in one.   The summers I have spent in France are comprised of site-seeing, macaron and ice-cream eating, cooking, seasonal markets, clothes-hunting, and FRENCH PHARMA raiding.

I recently sent a list of my favorite things to a friend who was going to Paris for a very special birthday. She spent her birthday week in a cooking class, walking tour, and camped in a French Pharma {she says her husband is a saint for his patience with that errand but he now view French Pharmacies with the same eye as Micheal's or Joanne's Fabric}.  

This product is my all-time favorite after Evian Atomizer's {brought home a suitcase full on the last trip,  in the Tres Grande size}.  Homeoplasmine  is a miracle balm- heals dry skin, chapped lips, acne, any irritation.   It is an all in one for the makeup kit, it is similar to an Aquafor-type product but silkier and smelling similar to ROSES.   It is divine!   As it turns out you don't have to fly to Paris to pick it up but you can get it in the States now if you look.   I have found Homeoplasmine Extra Large 40g on Amazon {it can't get any easier than that}.



Wearing ...{Actually} | Espadrilles and Sunshine

Wearing...{Actually}| Espadrilles and Sunshine

It was over 80* F in San Diego this weekend and I broke out the espadrilles.   What better way to celebrate the sunshine and beauty all around me {it is soooo hard not to talk about the weather in San Diego as it is so beautiful 90% of the time}.   I love espadrilles first of all it makes me think of the times I spent in Spain.   It feels special and appropriate for a temperate climate {a super cute option less than $30 here}.

Now that Valentine's Day is over, The Pink Frock is moving on to spring projects: lots of vacation wardrobe planning and packing, Spring Galas, and some very special wedding styling.   Spring 2013 is coming up roses ...



Money Maker... Drybar and My Hair Obsession


Lemony Fresh Clean and Baby Powdery Perfection. I have fallen in love with a new hairspray! It doesn't happen to me very often {still loving Moroccanoil and Loreal Elnet} but nevertheless it happened.

Drybar's new product lineup includes the Money Maker hairspray. A product designed for invisible, brushable, and flawless soft hold. I also mentioned it smells incredible! I have an obsession with hair and hair products; high quality, great smelling, and incredible results only.

Since I smelled my first whiff of Aussie Scrunch Spray in middle school I have been chasing down the right- make that perfect hair products for me.

Money Maker is a must add... Plus is the spray is a forceful micromist. This will not glop your hair up or only hit a quarter size patch at the crown. This is a beautiful all over hold.

Available at The Drybar- online or in stores.



Strawberry Waffles...


My family celebrates Valentine's Day with our traditional Strawberry Waffle Dinner.

We had a great time all together in a yummy, vanilla-scented, family Valentine's kind-of-way.

Here is what is on the menu: secret recipe buttermilk waffles, orange juice, sweet whipped cream, real maple syrup and of course, an ABUNDANCE of gorgeous California strawberries.



What I want to wear today... DVF, Givenchy, and YSL Paris

Gym Crush... {Lululemon Out and About Jacket}


Lululemon Out and About Jacket is my Gym Crush today. It is February 13th and I have done all the Concierge Valentine Gift Shopping that I can for clients. Just a few loose ends to wrap up at The Pink Frock and then I can move on to Ski Week packing and wardrobe plans.

On to my Gym Crush. I have fallen hard for this Lululemon jacket in all its pink ruffled beauty {side note to new readers- I have 4 SONS- therefore I never get pink ruffled anything}. I think this jacket will go hit all the buttons; Valentine's gift, ski week gear, pink and perfect, wear to the gym gorgeousness.

Click here for more details



Tuesday Shoesday | Christian Louboutin, ShoeMint, and Jimmy Choo


Here is the rest of Tuesday Shoesday {Tuesday Shoesday Sneak Peek here}.   I want to show you the ways to make your clothing budget work for you a little harder.

This Christian Louboutin  Diptic 100 Bootie was my pick for the week.    I love the patent trimmed glossy bootie and especially love the ankle strap.   What I didn't mention was that this bootie is priced the same as the rent at my first married apartment.   Sooo many of us stylish girls DO NOT spend that on our footwear even though we really love the look of it.

The bootie below is by ShoeMint has the same attributes as the CL bootie; 4 1/2 inch heel, sexy ankle straps, glossy leather, and peep-toes.   It however is priced at less than $40.   It is the perfect way to add polish to a flirty skirt or skinnies with out the heavy price tag of the Louboutins.

I hope you like the luxe-vs-less appeal in this post.   I  love designer labels but in all my year's as a personal shopper in San Diego have shown me that the mix of the high with the low make a women's style so much more interesting.   San Diego in particular is a "casual clothes, real jewelry" kind of aesthetic.    I see $200 jeans and a $2000 handbag with H & M t-shirts on a daily basis.   Your style isn't determined by the price of your clothes, but rather the way you combine pieces that you like and suit you.  

I will alway be able to find a less-spendy alternative to the luxury pieces that I post her on The Pink Frock blog.    If I don't post the less-luxe offering, please feel to email me, and ask.



Tuesday Shoesday.... {Sneak Peek}

Sneak Peek

Christian Louboutin Diptic 100 Ankle Boots are my pick for Tuesday Shoesday.   That won't be all, check back later for details about Charlotte Olympia and some treasures I found at ShoeMint.



The Pink Frock: On the go... {a client review}


I am always so grateful for the opportunities I have with The Pink Frock.   I enjoy the time I spend on with my clients and love to think that I made shopping less intimidating and more fun than it would have been.    I am always so happy to hear that it was a positive experience.

From my client and friend Sandy,
" I knew it was time to seek help when people didn't recognize me atschool pick up on the days I actually showered and put on "regular"clothes (not workout clothes). While I love clothes and stylish things, I don'thave the fashion sense or patience to shop and find "just the rightpiece" so I enlisted the help of my fabulous friend Amber at The PinkFrock. 

Amber was a dream to work with! She has such an easy going style andsuch an amazing knack for looking great ALL the time. She is a busy, stylishmother of four children so she really understood what was important tome--stylish yet comfortable. I needed to be able to bend down to pick up myyoung son but not have my back side hanging out of my low rise jeans. She tookthe time to not only ask me what I wanted/needed but also spent timeinternalizing that and coming up with a plan. So, when we went shopping, shegot down to business.
I arrived at Nordtrom Rack freaked out about the racksand racks of clothes and shoes, and Amber took over and pulled what she wantedbased on my input with ease as if she had the entire store memorized!! 
Sheassisted me in the fitting room, helped make outfits, and was very professionalin her feedback---it was actually FUN for me to go shopping for the first timein a long time. I came home with a bunch of stylish outfits that werecomfortable, that I WANTED to put on! I could easily go from being mom thecarpool/taxi/playdate gal to a casual dinner out with my husband. 
It didn'tstop there, though, Amber came to my home and helped me organize my closet andgave me tips and tricks on how to hang and categorize things. She put togetherabout 25+ different outfits with accessories and shoes and had me takepictures so I could remember what to pair up with what.   Amber is an angel. 
And,all of this happened within the budget I had shared with her up front. Ifyou need fashion assistance, whether its for a special event orcloset overhaul/makeover, Amber at The Pink Frock is the gal for you." 

Sandy Dallas Herman

For ideas of what to wear as a mom on the go {work, sports, charity functions, special events} please follow my board "Mom on the Go" on Pinterest.   I am always shopping and searching for stylish picks that will fit and flatter a busy lifestyle while still allowing a lady to accomplish all that she needs to do during the day. 



Perfect Pink Peplum Dress...


Primrose Beauty...  In my search for chic and accessible frocks for my clients I came across this rosy ruffled pencil dress from Dorothy Perkins and fell in love.   It is so affordable yet looks special and has lots of interest.   Wear this for a special Valentine's Date or to a luncheon in the spring for a shower or charity event.   Looking like a lady is always the right way to go.

I would love you to follow me on Pinterest where I post more of my gorgeous and accessible finds {here} and the rest of my style picks and inspirations {here}.



Chinese New Year: Year of the Snake...

Happy Chinese New Year!   Celebrate the Year of the Snake in a python-inspired beauty by Rebecca Taylor.   



What I want to wear today...{Prabal Gurung}


What I want to wear today on February 8th...

Prabal Gurung will be at Target in 2 days!   The gorgeous collection inspired by love, will be rolling into stores for a February 10th launch.   The romantic pieces, including frilly frocks can be seen here.

The designer told Elle magazine that "The collection is inspired by a girl’s journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears during each milestone—from the initial first crush all the way to the engagement," {hmmm... that is exactly how I think about getting dressed, what can I wear for all my occasions?} "Both the apparel and accessories in this collection include pieces that can be worn for each of these occasions and more!"

What I want to wear today, is this full-skirted frock in Floral Crush and the sandal.   Sooo, the question becomes, what to you wear when you cant have what you want {yet}?



Ssssss... I went for a long run on the trails that I love today and it was warm and so sunny.   I know that the rattlesnakes will be coming out soon and then this blog will NO LONGER be about clothes or how to look better than you already do, it will be about SNAKES.   Oh- just kidding around a little, but in all seriousness when I see a rattlesnake on the trail I WILL be talking about it. {after all, it is the YEAR of the snake}.

In the meanwhile, I had a girls night with some friends {delicious all desserts} and I wore a few things that I liked, INCLUDING my snake ring.   {click here for more options}  It was a fun way to add a little edgy bit to otherwise easy pieces.



Love Me...


Have you seen these heart-stopping pumps from Charlotte Olympia?   Absolutely stunning suede heart applique and platform.   Wow!  



Spring Lust List...


At the very top of my spring lust list..... Minty perfection!



Leather and Lace... {Super Bowl 2013}

For those girls who just can't get quit singing "Single Ladies" since the Super Bowl last Sunday.   Here is a leather and lace creation from La Perla that will have you feeling like Mrs. Carter in no time.   {more options here}



Roses are Red...

Don't toss last seasons SNAGGED UP swim suit into a suitcase for a get-away.  Pack something amazing if you are going away this February.   This Vix bikini couldn't be hotter!  Pick something richly-hued and flattering to your body.   Add in flips, a cover-up and sunnies and you are SET.



My Husband's Ambien...

I didn't get a chance last weekend to post My Husband's Ambien {see here more MHA}

I actually have two picks this week. The first one I saw at Planet Blue in Santa Monica. It is a weird jumpsuit thing with harem pants. It looks like one of those awkward pieces Paris Hilton would wear with a feather headress to some sedate occasion and be HOPELESSLY inappropriate.

The second is a CAT FACE Dress from Topshop. Enough said. CAT FACE...



Dream Date... Guys


Ladies,   you are going to have to share this info because only my HUSBAND reads this blog.   However, if you feel like you are the only one with polish, let me help,

There are a lot of great date dressing ideas for guys at Mr. Porter.   Share the link with your guy and say goodbye to the hoodies and baggy khakis forever.   Use the crystal-clear photos to inspire you and look for pieces in your budget.    Zara and H & M are a great place to start for on-trend pieces at accessible prices.   Look here for manly looks at Zara for this season.

I am here if you need me,


Tuesday Shoesday...

The weather took a little dip and to keep dry and happy we are wearing Uggs today.

I love the Bailey Button Tall- perfect height and so cute. Email me for sources ( It takes you from yoga to Trader Joes and the school run. You can always wear it on the commute too.

See Henry in his little pair?



Bee Mine ... {Valentine Cards}

Getting my family workshop ready for Valentine cards.

I love this Bee Mine card I saw on It is our first choice for now.

The Pink Frock: Wearing...{actually} {a client review}

 {Client review and fabulous friend }

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

What I’m actually wearing today…

Alexander McQueen two-tone Cats eye sunglasses in brown, cream, and black, A Nordstrom splurge...
Theory Black crew neck pulled out of the sweater drawer.
Banana Republic Hampton Crop fit pant in Antelope.
Tory Burch Shelby ballet flat in black
Accessorized with a Nordstrom Brass Plum gold multi-chain fashion jewelry necklace, that will most likely be out of style by the end of the day.
And a treasured black enamel, gold, gemmed vintage St. John brooch… Priceless!
And my Birthday gift from my hubby, a Kate Spade Charlotte Street Handbag in Black Patent
Toped Off with my favorite scent Issey Miyake, L’Eau d’Issey de Parfum

Thank you Pink Frock for inspiring me to pull together an outfit that would receive a perfectly manicured thumbs up from you.


*** click here for links to some of the items listed above

Valentine Gift Guide... Boys {Sneak Peek}


Here is the start of my gift guide for boys:

Crewcuts pink checked button up available at J.

Pillow Talk

If you are interested in moving it from Conversation Hearts to Pillow Talk....



Wearing... {Actually}

Leopard Pump 

Wearing... {Actually}, I wore my favorite dress, shoes, and of COURSE tights, recently and wanted to share.

Super Bowl...


I gave you a sneak peek of my favorite picks to wear to a Super Bowl party and here is the rest.

Jacket- H&M, Jeans- Textile by Elizabeth and James, Tank- Kain Label, Ring- YSL Arty, Bracelet- Forever 21, Booties- Valentino

Go Team!