What I want to wear today...


This is what I want to wear today...

A few more days have gone by and I am still running the home-HALE FAMILY-hospital.   I am also still getting a lot of wear out of my leggings, just like Vera Wang in her atelier {see here for reference.}   It has crossed my mind that Vera Wang is not using as much Aquaphor, Lysol, and Diet Coke (not a medicine unless you count my headache/boredom as an illness) as I am.  

Moving on--- I promised that this blog was going to be about the happy, HEALTHY, pretty, and fun parts of life. What is fun and pretty is this dress by Lanvin.   I hardly had the words to describe it when I first saw it.   I really was breathless.   {AMAZE}

It is exactly the dream dress my Barbie always wore on her dates.  For background:  my Barbie (100 Barbies) was a professional who lived in France (or Italy, or San Marino (I was also obsessed with geography)), and was perpetually 25.  She was naturally an amazing hostess, always having Barbie friends over, and sat often on her hot pink and white plastic chaise and read her plastic books.  She wore gorgeous frocks out on her dates with HUSBAND Ken, as we were a very tradtional-values kind of Barbie household.

My Barbie also wore some more casual looks {think Casual Princess, which is my everyday preferred kind of look} which we will cover another time.

So my Barbie would speed away in her hot pink convertible Corvette in a dress as shimmery and TULLE-Y as this Lanvin.   She would also be wearing the shoe below.  Barbie always wore high heels; pumps and sandals, because she was a true lady and liked the lenthening effect it had on her legs (and her feet were fixed in elev`e.)

What I want to wear today is a pretty and fun as I can make it.   I realize the price point of the items that I have been showing this week are on the uber-luxe end of the spectrum, but hey, I never promised that this was a DIY- looks for less kind of scheme.

Hmmm...I am thinking about this ballerina-perfect frock and these shimmery sandals and I am very happy.   How is that for making this about the great stuff in life, and not the dreary, sick, and boring?   I thought a lot about Barbie today because I built train-after-train with for my son.   He didn't appreciate how carefully I planned the town and thoughtfully I laid the tracks.   I WISHED I was playing Barbies with my sister instead, as we always kept it SUPER organized and gorgeous {Barbie lived in a MANSION after all.}

Barbie also had tons of clutches, pearl necklaces, and earrings.   On that note...Just for fun I have posted the other gorgeous accessories featured on Net-a-Porter with this dress because I find them to be completely irresistible.  

The bracelet:

and the ring: