What I want to wear today....


I am fully in Valentine's Day planning mode.  I am shopping for clients, styling events, and of course slaving over all of the RED VELVET DELICIOUSNESS I will make for my family.

I really only want to wear pink.  On that note, I am thinking only PINK and PEPLUM are going to cure whatever this ailment is.   I will leave RED {VELVET that is to the kitchen}

What I want to wear is this pink Lanvin skirt as pictured above.   I would also like to wear it as featured below.

I could be convinced to make it a little more casual in the PINK PEPLUM WONDERFUL.   Look at the Milly skirt with the gray cashmere.   I think I could live with that. {A an option here for less than $75}.

Here is the last option of pink peplum dream wardrobe wish list- What I want to wear today... {ok and one more here for less than $75}

I have to thank Net-a-porter for keeping clothes porn  photography so gorgeous!  May that magnetic attraction they have over me never die.