Wearing {Actually}...


My kids (some not all) have INFLUENZA.   Yes, the kind that they are talking about on the news.   The kind we should have been immunized against in October.   Well, this isn't a blog about the immunization debate (we got the shot by the way, I guess a little too late).   This is a blog about stuff that is Pink or Pretty.   So let us get going on that before I waste too much time.  

The reason I mention INFLUENZA is so that I can paint the picture of much time spent in the HOME.   I don't want to get too bogged done in using Lysol and running the humidifiers that I end up in sweats and some grimy ponytail.   I still have to go on the school-run (for the 2 kids not ill) and sports practices.   My work is all being handled VIA INTERNET and my new iPhone 5 (watch for better pictures soon).   So, onto the news...

Wearing {Actually}...  This pink Devotion long-sleeve from Lululemon.   I love it!   Forget that Coral Horror nonsense of last week, I am back in!   

On the Lulu website the shirt is described like this: 

We created this lightweight long sleeve layering piece to keep us covered without weighing us down. It's soft, silky and cut loose so we can move, bend and stretch ourselves out. We like to keep it close by during class because it's soft enough to use as an eye pillow during Savasana. Choosing what to wear is a piece of cake.
Here are the best 2 features:
  • lightweight Vitasea is buttery soft against your skin
  • long in length to cover your rear

Did you get that part about "long in length to cover your rear?"  That is a bonus for sure.   Well it is cute and comfy that is true.   I doubt I will ever make it out of the home to get to yoga at this rate, still two more kids and husband to catch INFLUENZA.   What if I am on duty until Ski Week? 

The next thing I am wearing {actually not just dreaming about} is also Lululemon.   I know I have mentioned that I ordinarily love the Wunder Under Tights.  Da da da da...

I am wearing Wunder Unders!  They are BLACK and NOT SEE THROUGH (remember the 


What else might I have on as I am working as a home nurse, house waitress, maid, Pink 

Frocker, you ask?   

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

If you guessed a PUMP, then you are wrong.   Time and Place for pumps, Time and Place. 

This is a job for flats, sparkly flats to keep it interesting (click here for an option less than $60,

and here for an option less than $25).  Yes, all hardworking industries; nurses, servers, 

cleaning experts, and fashion industry insiders are wearing FLATS to YE OLDE JOBSITE. 

I am telling myself that I am like Vera Wang in her Atelier {"Vera Wang Blogs about her 

Leggings Uniform"}. I am sure that these leggings and flats  are going to go the distance and 

turn into a uniform if some kids don't get to school soon.   In the meanwhile, in the style of 

Vera, I will be nursing back to health with 7-Up and some Red Velvet test recipes (peek in at 

them here).