Wearing {Actually}


This is not what I want to wear, some version of fantasy dress-up, no this is a real-life outfit that looked great when I saw it the other day.   I wasn't wearing it, but rather a good friend.  She looked polished but with her usual edge.   It wasn't the typical school-run outfit but something that had suited her for a work commitment and then slipped into the afternoon obligations that included a few kids.

I liked it because it had my favorite 3 piece formula- a great pant, and interesting top, and of course A JACKET.   We have inched back up to 75* in San Diego (you know after the ARTCIC WEATHER we had this week) so our normal dressing patterns can resume.

First, a disclaimer; I am not a great photographer.   I don't have the skills nor the equipment to capture what I need to feature on this blog.   So, until my skills and tools are improved we will either have to make do with images from the internet or grainy poorly lit photos (example last shown here).   So, some of the photos I will include in this post, I wish were WITHOUT their model or could better reflect the style of the girl I am talking about. 

One more thing- the friend in this little story is a HAIR girl.   She has great hair and cares about great hair and that made her outfit look that much better.   The hair in the post is NOT GREAT hair and therefore an inadequate representation.   Ready to go on?  Me too.

Here are the facts-

Equestrian Style Jacket that was very flattering

Source: shop.nordstrom.com via Amber on Pinterest

The next detail was the tank-top.   I found a picture of the actual tank but the model is NOT CUTE.   {Click Here if you must see}

Simple silky knit tank

Source: marthalux.polyvore.com via Amber on Pinterest

The tanks featured here are similar in cut and silhouette and would be a great substitute if you were buying this outfit.

Another option of simple tank layering piece

Source: otte.polyvore.com via Amber on Pinterest

Then we had the jeans! Of course they were super flattering and a great fit.   I loved the soft dove gray.  

J Brand Skinnies always do the trick

Source: neimanmarcus.com via Amber on Pinterest

The best part of the outfit (other than it was fantastic and it all worked together and every bit was flattering and current) was the boots.   I gave you the teaser about the boots here.

Here they are again

Dolce Vita Boots

Source: piperlime.gap.com via Amber on Pinterest

There were some assorted accessories, sunglasses by Michael Kors and a great handbag.   I think there was a bracelet or two.   It seems to me it looked like the one below.


                                                                         Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

If you have been wearing something great, I would love you to share.   Email me details at amber@thepinkfrock.com