Valentine's Day Yummy


Source: via Amber on Pinterest

While I style many clients for amazing Valentine Dates, we have a different, but still stylish event for Halestorm (that is my family name- four sons equals major disruption).   We do Valentine Breakfast for Dinner.   That usually includes waffles, bacon, or other red-velvet somethings.   Here are a few ideas that I have used in the past.

Here is a little bacon trick that I picked up on Pinterest.   I have my own photo of the times I have made the heart-shaped bacon but it lacks the professional editing of this photo.  

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Sometimes we do waffles, and not Eggos, EVER, NO WAY!   We do it right at Halestorm; whip cream, berries, powdered sugar, chocolate.   It is in every way delicious.   My boys love it and hopefully will always want Valentine's Waffle Dinner instead of going out with aggressive and clingy young lady from their class when they are of dating age.

I also always make a special treat to send in their lunch.    I am considering the following ideas for this year, but I am not sure how to get the ice cream sandwich to school.   Middle Schoolers love food and love treats but they don't love MOMMY showing up on Valentine's Day with heart shaped goodies just because I think I am fun and festive.  Thoughts?

Another option:

I would love to have more ideas, please send me heart-shaped, berry-filled, yummy ideas to