Valentine Dresses {2013}


Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?   I am!  I love Valentine's Day because it is so historically important  has the best color scheme of all holidays.   I really cannot get enough Pink and White.   I will throw in some red, albeit very little.    {I have rules about red and holiday dressing- read more here}

  I am gathering ideas for my clients who have special dates.    I am going to share a few of the frocks that I have found for their events.

The stunner above is a gorgeous, sleeved, silk fantasy that pulls-out all of the stops on femininity yet doesn't reveal too much (a la Halle Berry at the Golden Globes- wince).   We don't show all the merchandise at The Pink Frock, rather we embrace a more subdued allure.   This dress does exactly that.   The shoes, earrings, and clutch that go along with it are also stunning, but this is a post about VALENTINE DRESSES, so that will have to be another time.

The next dress is a hot pink lace by shift that is so flattering and pretty.   This isn't your "Someone Loves Me" t-shirt from Old Navy.   This is a WOW way to say Happy Valentine's day to your significant.   The client for this dress has a work meeting and then is rushing to a special dinner.   We are going double duty with her shoes and some of her jewelry and all she has to do substitute this perfect dress for her work dress (which by the way is also completely amazing).

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

The last dress that I will share today is this Jackie O dress by Black Halo.   This style is not going anywhere, and why would it?   Do you want 1000000s of compliments?   The designer behind the Black Halo label has stated that EVERY DRESS is meant to visually hide 10 POUNDS.   What is not to love about that?   This dress is going with some very chic sandals and a fantastic jacket.   Her date is taking her to a quasi-outdoor event and I would hate for her to freeze.

There are lot more Valentine stylings going on and I will probably get around to sharing those. In the meanwhile, please approach the holiday thoughtfully.   The last thing you want to do it pull on something shabby, beige, or unflattering.