My Husband's Ambien...


In this week's edition of My Husband's Ambien- POORLY FITTED BRAS.

Look at Ms. Spears.  She has millions of dollars at her disposal and she can't not wear a necklace over a cheap turtleneck  find a bra that fits.   I am not sure why she is wearing a strapless lacy bra under a fine-knit turtleneck.   It gives her a uni-pointy-bustline that is so unforgiving.   This is the quickest way to look matronly and not alluring.   This is mom clothes at it's worst.

I have included some other pictures of other poorly-fitted bras from online sources.   I wanted to post the picture of gushy, spill-over, nipple-peeper I saw this morning at lacrosse community sporting event. If you have come to know me by now, I advocate a more modest and ladylike approach to dressing and the reveal of any lady parts is completely unacceptable to me and it should be to you.    I want to keep this post on the PG side, so I will use a word, just once, so you I can fully convey what I saw today.   If you guessed AREOLA  you are right.

I get embarrassed when I see someone's private parts; bottom line.   I don't want to see you blow-drying your hair naked in the bathroom at the gym,  or stretching nude in in the steam room {true story}.   I saw more of this woman's breast this morning than I have seen in National Geographic.   There are actually better breasts featured in NG than what this lady had in her terrible, inadequate, lacy, squisher bra.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Another badly fitted bra.   There is no reason to wear a bra that doesn't fit or flatter you.   Victoria's Secret, {Intimacy}, and Nordstrom all have bra-fitting specialists on hand all day to fit you for FREE.   Even if you don't buy your bra with them, you can get fitted and take the size, silhouette, and other custom suggestions to the shop of your choice.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

A rule I have always had and share with all my clients (and friends, and anyone who will listen) is:

Just Because You Can Get It On Doesn't Mean It Fits....

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Poor Katie Holmes- again, here is an example of lots of money and just not wearing the right bra.   That squishy spill-over is not alluring.  

Find a bra-fitting specialist in your area so you can walk tall and proud with your private parts kept private.   A great fitting bra will make all of your clothes look better- unless you are wearing nonsense like is featured in the photos in this post, Katie's sweatshirt aside.   A great fitting bra also gets rid of that LUNCHLADY BUSTLINE.    I have seen so many girls look slimmer, more feminine, and regain a more youthful silhouette.    A great bra is the start of looking good in clothes.

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