My Husband's Ambien | Lululemon Wonder Under


The reason these Lululemon Wonder Under Tights are in My Husband's Ambien post today are because they are the opposite of ladylike, alluring, or even appropriate.   Now, don't get me wrong.   I love Lululemon still and have done my own Wonder Under Challenge (wearing Wonder Unders 31, 100, a million days in 31, 100, or a million ways).   I am digressing here but if you want to read more about that kind of thing check out the Lululemon Blog.  

What is wrong with these leggings in this CORAL- SEE THROUGH SWEAT ACCENTUATING CROTCH REVEALING- COLOR is actually all the things that I just mentioned.   Now, Lululemon is still reported to be the best buy according to workout lovers and stay-at-home-in-workout-clothes-mothers, but also the best buy in retail stocks {we know all angles of a product here at The Pink Frock}.   

This pant is not that best buy you need to go the distance.   I saw this pant today in action at a workout facility near me.   The girl wearing it had a great body and that is a bonus because after her workout the pant was sweat soaked from the crotch to the knee.   Her pant had gone from CORAL to SHEER and I saw a lot more than I planned (unless of course I also work as a Brazilian Waxer part-time) when she bent to tie her shoe.   I was embarrassed to see her assets.   

There is a blog that I read when I need solid but humorous information about fitness called The Great Fitness Experiment.   Here is how they report the hard truth about sweat and working out:

"Wear proper gym clothes and then launder them. Even if they say “sweat wicking” or “performance fabric.” Even if you don’t think they smell bad. Unless you are a contortionist then you won’t be able to check your own crotch area and I strongly discourage you from asking someone else to check. That is not the proper use of a Gym Buddy. Another tip to avoiding the dreaded swamp crotch or other unsightly sweat marks is to skip light colored cotton."

Sweating at the gym is great and nothing makes me happier than the snap of my wet ponytail following Friday spin class (well, I mean Drybar makes me happier if we are talking about hair).   Sweat is not the culprit here, the Lululemon pants in light colors are the problem.

Save yourself!  Buy BLACK {fabulous aternative (Intelligent Clothing) here}  instead.   Let us experiment together with CORAL in other ways.