Hot Air Update...


I never got back to updating my post about my "too good to be true" offer from Drybar last weekend.   Drybar and HBO partnered to celebrate the premiere of the 2nd season of "Girls" and "Enlightened".   They offered FREE blowouts (including tip) on January 11-13th, but only in the 6-7 pm time slot.  

Well, I have blogged before about how much I love Drybar {Sneak Peak and Bar Fly}.   So, of course I walked UP HILL BOTH WAYS THROUGH THE SNOW WITH NO LUNCH to get a booking.   I also was able to help a few friends get in to.  

Pony|Bun|Something or other hair with fabulous clothes

Please excuse glare of the flash....

I don't often go out on a weekend night with a bunch of friends who are dressed great, smell gorgeous, and have messy PONY|BUN|SOMETHING OR OTHER hair.   It wouldn't make any sense, would it?   Why get dressed in something hot and walk out with gym-ponytail.  Not on FREE Drybar night, I would have come in my pajamas if they had insisted.

So, on to the magic- hot water, sudsy luscious Moroccanoil Shampoo, a head massage, all the fun.   Then onto the HOT AIR for HOT CHICKS {a Drybar marketing slogan}.   See some of the action below.   Are you loving my real pictures?   I promise I am getting a better, less grainy, camera and a skill set to go with it very soon.

Hot Air for Hot Chicks

HBO sponsored a really cute gift bag with Season 1 of each series; Enlightened and Girls, and some other goodies.   I need to include a note here that I don't watch either show.   My first exposure during the event was watching them on the flat screen TV while having my hair done.   I am not sure if all episodes are totally nude pornographic all F-word and awkward  drama and whimsical clothing.   I was happy to pass the DVDs along to an avid fan.   I really just wanted the hair.

Look below at the finished fabulousness of it all.   Those ponytails were transformed into glossy bouncy hair that was scented with that magic potion- Moroccanoil.


In a note of full disclosure- I attended the event on both Friday and Saturday nights, but only had a blowout the first night.   I don't love my picture so I cannot reveal it here.   I went with great friends on both nights and then had chance to go out to a great meal afterward x 2.

For more pictures of the Drybar event The Drybar Blog or Facebook Page.

xoxo,  Amber