Heart Throb Redux


Heart Throb Redux

Heart Throb Redux by amberbrittain featuring swarovski crystal earrings

This is a heart throb...  Gorgeous and elegantly styled clothing with the cleanest lines but edgy polished details.   

I had the chance to restyle an older scheme of mine recently.   The above picture includes some of the items I included for the  event I worked on.    My inspiration was taken from a board I had done a couple of years ago for another client that I loved and she had loved.   It did need some updating and a fresh array of accessories.   

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The picture below is the original set that I styled for a client a couple of years ago.   {Peek in here for the less luxe version I originally created} I have included my original descriptions of the scheme.   I still fully believe that if you are headed out on a date or night event that a heavy tote is not the right pick.   Switch to something smaller, more precious.   

The dress can go from office, to party, to dinner, to date, whatever you need.  The red accessories are chic and would make for a great Valentine's gift (hint hint) if you don't already have something in mind to give (this is you, husband).  I would switch from the tote to the clutch if I was heading out at night.  It tends to scare a man when a lady in a gorgeous frock is carrying a huge handbag out on the town.  Scale it down with a more diminutive accessory.  This outfit says "heart throb" all the way around.  {from What I Would Would Wear Today...}