Heart Throb Redux {a little less luxe}


Heart Throb Redux {less}

Heart Throb Redux {less} by amberbrittain featuring enamel earrings

This is a Heart Throb, but not one that will break the bank if you play it smart.  

I like to show all my schemes in a range of prices, it is hard for me to predict how people like to spend their money so a range is always helpful.   The dress, is a clean-lined lipstick red stunner that is super ladylike but not so luxe as to preclude adding in a clutch or leather wrap bracelets.   {Peek in here for the original Redux post} I have included a day and a night jacket for variety.   The polished metallic tweed topper is a value-add piece if I have ever seen one.   

Here is my original Heart Throb {a little less luxe} post and the layout is included below:

If you are still looking for your February picks, or need something special, I would love to help. I have found a number of amazing red patent pumps for less than $100, and am always glad to share my sources.   Email me at amber@thepinkfrock.com with inquiries.