The Pink Frock: Haute New Mommy... {a client review}


Source: via Amber on Pinterest

 "Everyone knows that when you have a new baby it can be the happiest time of your life, however, I have never heard it described as the 'most glamorous' time of your life.  I was four-days post-partum  and not feeling too spectacular about myself and my post-baby body when Amber arrived on the scene. 

She came over to my home and took apart my maternity wardrobe.  When she put it back together again she had substituted some key non-maternity pieces in with the jeans and other things that I would need to wear for a little while more.  She added in cute layering pieces, jackets, and accessories.  She started me on the path of transition back to the real me.  I was able to take my outfits that she had created and wear them with pride.  I felt like a put-together mommy instead of a disheveled mess. 

At my one-week check up, my OB commented on how my outfit looked and how most new mommies show up in some mismatched sweat suit.  I told her I couldn't take credit for my outfit as I had help.  It felt so fantastic to walk out of that office, in my silver ballet flats, knowing I was already on my way back to being me."


*** Ashley is expecting another baby in May and we are already working on her Haute New Mommy looks ***