Gym Crush...


Just for fun, here is a picture of the WORST thing I saw at the gym today.   I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, or worry that I have my camera in Tabata Class hoping for a quick snap, so I have used a GOOGLE image.

Here are the words that you should keep in mind about this pant: Pilly, Alli, Thinning, and Textured.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Ummm... now that I am reading the descriptive words, I am not sure even with the picture, they tell the whole story of this pants.   I think I can do better.

Pilly- yes, snaggy, balled up, been washed with jeans, towels, and VELCRO kind of look.

Alli- Please search "Side Effects of Alli in Layman's Terms" online so you understand how I feel when I see brown pants.  I don't know from personal experience but have heard from reliable sources that this is the TRUTH about Alli.

Thinning- Not as in a slenderizing look.   No, I am referring to the area of your assets that most LADIES want covered.   These pants were THINNING out in that spot that allowed for a less opaque 
effect than I would want.   Lets call that Lighted Buns.

Textured- This is again not so much a quality of the pant's fabric (unless you consider pilling a texture), this is more, err, a natural texture of women's thighs when the age and that dimpled-texture of diminishing collagen takes hold (less delicately put I mean cellulite).   Yes, these pants were a cellulite ACCENTUATOR.

If these are qualities you don't want in your workout pants, I have a few suggestions.

  1. Stick with black pants
  2. Buy quality brands
  3. Buy compression style running crops or tights for a firmer silhouette
  4. Wash workout clothes carefully, don't dry, and only with other similar fabrics; no jeans, towels, or velcro.
I think you will be so much happier if you do.   It isn't about what you spend on your clothes, it is really about how they fit you and how you care for them.