Field Trip Reprisal {did you see the sneak peek?}


If you are new to The Pink Frock Blog, then let me take a quick minute to familiarize you with a few details about me.   I am firstly a mom to FOUR sons.   I never get to buy any pink, ruffled, sparkly, ANYTHING!   I buy Vans and Nikes, Quicksilver hoodies and Volcom T-shirts.  

I have a creative outlet in my business, The Pink Frock.  This is a private client styling and personal shopping firm.   I get the chance to organize clothes, shop for clothes, and style some very amazing ladies.   As part of the creativity, I am always looking for ways to help girls find their style.   I look at ways clothes fit, flatter, and function in daily life.    All of the women (I am not talking about any girls or teen clients) I have ever dressed have been mothers.   This is why I have to mention FIELD TRIP dressing.

Field Trip dressing is absolute agony (see More thoughts on field trip clothing?).   I need to mention that with FOUR children and it only being January, I am only about half-way through the field trip schedule for 2012/2013.    There are going to be lots more chances for me to panic that I don't have gear for the hell-for-me  fascinating dinosaur museum, dusty canyon scenic vista, etc.

The field trip is where I have seen lovely mothers degrade themselves with random crap  apparel when venturing out with their children.   It is shameful!   I would die rather than be caught in saggy butt chinos- MAKE THAT ANY CHINOS, because seriously they do not flatter.   Please see the example below of Evie's, I mean Sarah's,  I mean I really can't say whose mother.   This is an example only...

If you think that is not flattering nor ladylike and very much on the SLUMMY MUMMY side, look at the next photo.

Do you see the ripped sock?   They are both like that so it wasn't an accident on the way into the Courthouse secret field trip spot.  This is a crying shame.   Who can feel great in this?   There really isn't a way to feel like your best self when even little things are a mess.

The instructions for the outing specifically called for business-casual apparel.   The kids and parents were supposed to wear clothing that could take them to professional meetings and other adult scenarios in the most appropriate clothing possible.   So, on to the good news.   Here are the things that I wore on the field trip.   My son encouraged me not to wear "RIPPED JEANS" or "GRUBBY SHOES" when planning what I was wearing.   That would be my first born who is concerned with rules.   I am posiive his teacher didn't tell him to remind ME specifically.   

Tory Burch Pussy-Bow Blouse
Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Theory Gabe B Blazer 
Source: via Amber on Pinterest

J Brand 818 Jeans

Prada Patent Pump

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

So, in summary, the things I most need to report are this:

1) I dressed appropriately for the field trip
2) This trip was one of my favorite ever because of content and age of kids as well as dress code (hurray business casual)
3) Great girls should not wear chinos
4) Take a minute to take pride in what you put on your body- you have to look good to feel good