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I don't want to change the topic from Valentine's Day too soon, but I like a pop of a sunny bright now and then.    I have a super cute friend who wore a fab yellow peacoat yesterday and bold yellow necklace and got tons of compliments.   I worked a little SUNNY into my day today.    {see more options here }.



The Pink Frock: Haute New Mommy... {a client review}

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 "Everyone knows that when you have a new baby it can be the happiest time of your life, however, I have never heard it described as the 'most glamorous' time of your life.  I was four-days post-partum  and not feeling too spectacular about myself and my post-baby body when Amber arrived on the scene. 

She came over to my home and took apart my maternity wardrobe.  When she put it back together again she had substituted some key non-maternity pieces in with the jeans and other things that I would need to wear for a little while more.  She added in cute layering pieces, jackets, and accessories.  She started me on the path of transition back to the real me.  I was able to take my outfits that she had created and wear them with pride.  I felt like a put-together mommy instead of a disheveled mess. 

At my one-week check up, my OB commented on how my outfit looked and how most new mommies show up in some mismatched sweat suit.  I told her I couldn't take credit for my outfit as I had help.  It felt so fantastic to walk out of that office, in my silver ballet flats, knowing I was already on my way back to being me."


*** Ashley is expecting another baby in May and we are already working on her Haute New Mommy looks ***

Wearing ... {actually}


I have jumped the GUN...

I have broken out a spring bag, this perfect nude lacquered bow bag by Valentino and the new sunglasses {peek in on them here}.  It doesn't have to be Valentino to show a little gloss; click here for another patent bow bag for much less.  

I have also dug into the vault and brought out my very favorite white blazer and will be wearing it soon.   Look for me doing something totally amazing  at a meeting, at the mall, sunken into the grass at lacrosse, or cheering madly at a basketball while wearing it. {click here for a look-a-like for $50}

I am wearing mine with a new pair of skinny J Brand {not the teeny doily type shorts as pictured} but also have lots and lots and lots of other ways to wear a white blazer.   Let me know if you want ideas...

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest



Lovely Hair...

Lovely hair, the sign of a real lady.   Look at the gorgeous glossy locks above and think about how happy you will be with an amazing blowout like that.

 I have a source for San Diego girls.   Amber Young at Three Ways Beautiful in La Jolla,  will get you washed and styled and out the door for just $35.   You will love the sweet smell and silky polish of fresh hair and be so much happier than doing it yourself.

 This isn't just for Valentine's Day, it is a must whenever you need to look great in order to feel great.

For bookings, please contact Amber Young directly at 619-787-1761



What I want to wear today...

This is the outfit I want to wear today....

This Vivienne Westwood Anglomania is body-conscious and completely fabulous.   I am drooling over the midnight blue, one of my very favorite colors, and the holographic-finish purse takes my breath away.    I AS ALWAYS can not get enough of Pink, and PINK PUMPS are a new level of favorite.

I have picked some similar pumps in a shocking shade of pink so that you can have a wide range of options should you want to add a little petal power to your look.

Tuesday Shoesday... Glass Slippers


I gave you a little sneak peek at what I think is a modern Cinderella glass slipper {ummm, I am currently obsessed with PVC in shoes}.  I am giving you FOUR fantastic variations on the glass slipper because it fun to see great finds at every price.  

glass slippers



Tuesday Shoesday... {Sneak Peek}

Tuesday Shoesday...

We are going Goldilocks style on Shoesday today; gorgeous PVC pumps in enough price points for you to find a fit.

First up is Christian Louboutin...

Check back later for the other modern Cinderella style pumps.

Heart Throb Redux {a little less luxe}

Heart Throb Redux {less}

Heart Throb Redux {less} by amberbrittain featuring enamel earrings

This is a Heart Throb, but not one that will break the bank if you play it smart.  

I like to show all my schemes in a range of prices, it is hard for me to predict how people like to spend their money so a range is always helpful.   The dress, is a clean-lined lipstick red stunner that is super ladylike but not so luxe as to preclude adding in a clutch or leather wrap bracelets.   {Peek in here for the original Redux post} I have included a day and a night jacket for variety.   The polished metallic tweed topper is a value-add piece if I have ever seen one.   

Heart Throb Redux

Heart Throb Redux

Heart Throb Redux by amberbrittain featuring swarovski crystal earrings

This is a heart throb...  Gorgeous and elegantly styled clothing with the cleanest lines but edgy polished details.   

I had the chance to restyle an older scheme of mine recently.   The above picture includes some of the items I included for the  event I worked on.    My inspiration was taken from a board I had done a couple of years ago for another client that I loved and she had loved.   It did need some updating and a fresh array of accessories.   

See More...

Wearing ...{actually}

By now you know this isn't a blog where you will see me posed in front of beautiful city-scapes with flawless makeup and lovely hair,  BUT it is where I am glad to share the things that I wear and suggest some more options that are similar.

This was an outfit that I put into the Casual Princess category.   That is when I have some laid-back luxe elements paired with something pricey, and maybe some other less pricey details.   It is usually a jacket + jeans + great bag situation but also includes fab top or real jewelry.     I tend to have names for all my clothing recipes.   I will soon introduce you to the Sheryl Crow- now Lisa Vanderpump white blouse recipe and others. 

I bought these LK Bennett Maddox wedges recently on a trip to Scottsdale and haven't really had a lot of chances to wear them yet {you know that cooooold snap we had in Southern California that would feel like a heat wave everywhere else}.   I wore them yesterday and got a ton of compliments; which is nice.   What is nicer, is how great they look with so many of my things because they are a perfect neutral and the raffia wedge looks a little bit Lanvin and a little laid-back luxe.   This is a shoe that Kate Middleton also wears as a REAL princess.

Valentine Macarons ...


I love macarons and buy them when ever I can.   I especially like Peggy Porschen's and I can across her recipe {here}.   Good Luck!

Gym Crush...

Just for fun, here is a picture of the WORST thing I saw at the gym today.   I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, or worry that I have my camera in Tabata Class hoping for a quick snap, so I have used a GOOGLE image.

Here are the words that you should keep in mind about this pant: Pilly, Alli, Thinning, and Textured.

Source: westblvd.com via Amber on Pinterest

Gym Crush....


This was my favorite top today in the world of workout wear.   I gave you a sneak peek  and here is the rest of my thought.    I do love Lululemon, the fit, the flattery, the HARD WORKING fabrics, side from a few of their products that simply do not work for me { see here for that experience}.

The thing about workout clothes is that when you buy stuff that flatters you, is made of great material, and is well cared for, you will look great.  Look good to feel good.   



Gym Crush... {sneak peek}

No, again this isn't a man at the gym - spin teacher or otherwise. I thought this was the best top I saw today. It is black, basic, but with interesting detail and girly details.

I will post my other favorites later today. Make sure to check back soon.





Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Rockstud Naked Slingback

I am so lucky to get to consult on weddings here and there.   I am usually helping the Mother-of-the-Bride with her ensemble and style needs: hair, makeup, and other arrangements.    I get to help brides pack a honeymoon suitcase, pick a shower or engagement party outfit, and some other fun details.  

Here is one of my very favorite shoes ever for a bride.   This Valentino Rockstud Naked Slingback is rock-chic sexy buy the naked feel is glass slipper Cinderella special.



My Husband's Ambien...


In this week's edition of My Husband's Ambien- POORLY FITTED BRAS.

Look at Ms. Spears.  She has millions of dollars at her disposal and she can't not wear a necklace over a cheap turtleneck  find a bra that fits.   I am not sure why she is wearing a strapless lacy bra under a fine-knit turtleneck.   It gives her a uni-pointy-bustline that is so unforgiving.   This is the quickest way to look matronly and not alluring.   This is mom clothes at it's worst.

I have included some other pictures of other poorly-fitted bras from online sources.   I wanted to post the picture of gushy, spill-over, nipple-peeper I saw this morning at lacrosse community sporting event. If you have come to know me by now, I advocate a more modest and ladylike approach to dressing and the reveal of any lady parts is completely unacceptable to me and it should be to you.    I want to keep this post on the PG side, so I will use a word, just once, so you I can fully convey what I saw today.   If you guessed AREOLA  you are right.

I get embarrassed when I see someone's private parts; bottom line.   I don't want to see you blow-drying your hair naked in the bathroom at the gym,  or stretching nude in in the steam room {true story}.   I saw more of this woman's breast this morning than I have seen in National Geographic.   There are actually better breasts featured in NG than what this lady had in her terrible, inadequate, lacy, squisher bra.

Source: google.com via Amber on Pinterest

Another badly fitted bra.   There is no reason to wear a bra that doesn't fit or flatter you.   Victoria's Secret, {Intimacy}, and Nordstrom all have bra-fitting specialists on hand all day to fit you for FREE.   Even if you don't buy your bra with them, you can get fitted and take the size, silhouette, and other custom suggestions to the shop of your choice.

Source: google.com via Amber on Pinterest

A rule I have always had and share with all my clients (and friends, and anyone who will listen) is:

Just Because You Can Get It On Doesn't Mean It Fits....

Source: google.com via Amber on Pinterest

Poor Katie Holmes- again, here is an example of lots of money and just not wearing the right bra.   That squishy spill-over is not alluring.  

Find a bra-fitting specialist in your area so you can walk tall and proud with your private parts kept private.   A great fitting bra will make all of your clothes look better- unless you are wearing nonsense like is featured in the photos in this post, Katie's sweatshirt aside.   A great fitting bra also gets rid of that LUNCHLADY BUSTLINE.    I have seen so many girls look slimmer, more feminine, and regain a more youthful silhouette.    A great bra is the start of looking good in clothes.

For more ways to look good in clothes and to by more Victoria's Secret and less National Geographic, please email me at amber@thepinkfrock.com.



Sexy Sweet Valentine Pumps... {Luxe and Less}


LUXE- This Gianvito Rossi PVC and Suede Pump is modern and fresh while still behind uber-sexy in the most classic sense of a pumps.   It has that element of Cinderella's slipper with the glassy effect of the PVC.   Who wouldn't want a little grown modern fairy tale.  I would love to pair this will elegant and edgy looks for all my Valentine events.    The price is a very luxe {click here for more details} but hey, glass slippers have always been pricey.

Look at how gorgeous it looks with a peplum dress with the same vibrant red.

Source: dsw.com via Amber on Pinterest

LESS- The same gorgeous elements of the other pump, Suede and PVC.   This petal pink is exactly the shade for a rosy Valentine's date or to weave into spring trends like peplum frocks and skinny jeans.   It is even on sale {click here for more details}

Imagine it paired with a bright white peplum frock and a great clutch.   You would rock your date and any where else you decided to go.   This simple fitted dress is ultra-flattering and for a complete bargain ($40)  would make your February wardrobe really fresh.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

I have so many ways to wear both of these shoes; skirts, skinnies, and dresses.   Please email me at amber@thepinkfrock if you need suggestions.



Gym Crush...

Source: shop.lululemon.com via Amber on Pinterest

I had a gym crush today...

No it isn't the guy who always tries to get my weights for me {note: if I can't carry my own weights, I'm in the wrong class.}  

No, my crush was on the best outfit in the ENTIRE gym.   I saw a great printed Lululemon skirt and the long-sleeve tech top.   It was exactly like the photo above.   The wearer looked great; all of her stuff fit, flattered, wasn't SEE THROUGH, and was awesome.

That is my crush for the day!  I had a fantastic spin class, felt the slap of a pony tail wet with seat {proof of absolute commitment}, picked up my box from the farmer, and saw something super cute.    

Click here for Pace Setter Skirt at Lululemon...



Gym Crush... {sneak peek}

I had a gym crush today...

No it isn't the guy who always tries to get my weights for me {note: if I can't carry my own weights, I'm in the wrong class.}

I will tell you about it soon..

What I want to wear today...


This is what I want to wear today...

A few more days have gone by and I am still running the home-HALE FAMILY-hospital.   I am also still getting a lot of wear out of my leggings, just like Vera Wang in her atelier {see here for reference.}   It has crossed my mind that Vera Wang is not using as much Aquaphor, Lysol, and Diet Coke (not a medicine unless you count my headache/boredom as an illness) as I am.  

Moving on--- I promised that this blog was going to be about the happy, HEALTHY, pretty, and fun parts of life. What is fun and pretty is this dress by Lanvin.   I hardly had the words to describe it when I first saw it.   I really was breathless.   {AMAZE}

It is exactly the dream dress my Barbie always wore on her dates.  For background:  my Barbie (100 Barbies) was a professional who lived in France (or Italy, or San Marino (I was also obsessed with geography)), and was perpetually 25.  She was naturally an amazing hostess, always having Barbie friends over, and sat often on her hot pink and white plastic chaise and read her plastic books.  She wore gorgeous frocks out on her dates with HUSBAND Ken, as we were a very tradtional-values kind of Barbie household.

My Barbie also wore some more casual looks {think Casual Princess, which is my everyday preferred kind of look} which we will cover another time.

So my Barbie would speed away in her hot pink convertible Corvette in a dress as shimmery and TULLE-Y as this Lanvin.   She would also be wearing the shoe below.  Barbie always wore high heels; pumps and sandals, because she was a true lady and liked the lenthening effect it had on her legs (and her feet were fixed in elev`e.)

What I want to wear today is a pretty and fun as I can make it.   I realize the price point of the items that I have been showing this week are on the uber-luxe end of the spectrum, but hey, I never promised that this was a DIY- looks for less kind of scheme.

Hmmm...I am thinking about this ballerina-perfect frock and these shimmery sandals and I am very happy.   How is that for making this about the great stuff in life, and not the dreary, sick, and boring?   I thought a lot about Barbie today because I built train-after-train with for my son.   He didn't appreciate how carefully I planned the town and thoughtfully I laid the tracks.   I WISHED I was playing Barbies with my sister instead, as we always kept it SUPER organized and gorgeous {Barbie lived in a MANSION after all.}

Barbie also had tons of clutches, pearl necklaces, and earrings.   On that note...Just for fun I have posted the other gorgeous accessories featured on Net-a-Porter with this dress because I find them to be completely irresistible.  

The bracelet:

and the ring:



A thank you for friends...


The Pink Frock
Private Client Styling and Personal Shopping Firm|www.thepinkfrock.com

Thank you for all that you have meant to me at The Pink Frock.   I have been so blessed to have great clients and friends who have supported my hobby-cum-creative amazing job over the last four years.    I wish I had been keeping a better record of all the amazing opportunities that I have had; photos, details, etc.   I think it is time for that to change.  I would like to share more of the great clothes, new attitudes, and clean closets that I see.  This has been such a fun and rewarding way for me to have artistic expression, and would love to have more chances at the same thrill.  In the spirit of creative endeavor,  I have renewed my interest in keeping a blog- www.pinkfrock.blogspot.com, so that I can share the style.   I would love for you to check in with me there.   Please feel free to comment, share with friends, or just follow.  

As a thank you for your part in the process of my endeavor in The Pink Frock, I would love to have the chance to work with you on something special; event styling services or gift concierge for $75 per session through March 1st.   I will also honor this event for any referrals that you would like to send, it is the highest compliment that I can get.   I hope we can work together on getting a great Valentine’s Date Outfit, Get-Away Wardrobe, or project of your choice.     Please contact me at amber@thepinkfrock.com or 858-735-8154. 



What I want to wear today...

This is what I want to wear today.   I can't make any excuses for the cost of it or even try to find the pieces a little less luxe.  NOPE.   This is what I want to wear if I could have my say of any lines, any style, any color, any any any....

I think the blush leather skirt is so incredibly gorgeous.   I love the animal print top, the Louboutin pumps, et.   If you want to find out all of the details, check in at Net-a-Porter.   You will be absolutely dazzled.  



Tuesday Shoesday... All Valentino


I gave you a little sneak peek of Tuesday Shoesday {here}.   Did you know that it was going to be an ALL PINK ALL VALENTINO reveal today?     I decided in the spirit of all things pink that I would show you all the great shoes that I am going to be wearing  wishing I was wearing.   If I could have one New Year's Challenge it would be to wear Valentino Shoes for 365 days straight.   Please Valentino Garavani,  take me up on my offer.   I can do it!

Back to Tuesday Shoesday...

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Glam Crystal Coated Platform.   I love the nude peep-toe against the hot pink.   I am very fortunate to have had a client fall in love with this shoe.   We are shipping out as I type.  Congratulations M on the new addition to an already amazing shoe closet.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino RockStud Thong Sandal.   There is a flirty way to wear haute couture by the pool or in a flippy summer frock!  I think this is a great entry price point for anyone who want to get into the Valentino Rockstud collection.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Rockstud Sandal.   The perfect pink for a bride.   I would love to see this stunner peaking out of a wedding dress.   It is feminine but edgy and there is something about that ankle strap that makes it completely alluring.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Rockstud Ankle Wrap Sandal.   I have so many ways to wear this!   Let's start by slipping it into a warm weather get-away suitcase for the weekend.   This is chic for an upscale lunch or luxe enough for a candlelight beachy dinner.   I wish wish wish I had this when I last went away {see what I did pack}.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Patent Platform Pump.   This is a triple threat for sure {PPP}.   It has every single element of a showstopping shoe. Patent-Platform-Pump and is a deep rosy perfect too.   I love the nude trim and the gold studs {not just here but on all of the Rockstud}.   I have this shoe ready for a client with a curve-clinging white frock and some earrings that her husband had custom-made for the occasion (shhh... that part is a secret, I will see what I can do to get a picture on here.)

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Glamorous Wedge Sandal.   Toss this into that same suitcase for your warm weather get-away.   If you aren't traveling, I would still buy it now.   You don't want to be hitting "REFRESH" on a random Ebay auction of this lacy espadrille because you missed out now.   If you buy and need ideas, I am glad to help- ON ME.   I won't charge any fee to style this sandal into a number of looks, just because I want the chance.   Send me a picture to amber@thepinkfrock.com and we can get started.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flat.   Something about Ballerina and Studded makes for a perfect marriage.   I love love this shoe.   This is a laid-back luxe kind of skimmer.   I think this would make an AMAZING Valentine's gift for a shoe whore(pg thoughts only)  lover.   There are those girls who will go to any kind of boring sports bar  business dinner or mother-in-laws house  date for an gift like this {me included}.  Check here for a cheap and chic version in black that you might like.

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Last but not least, Valentino Rockstud T-strap Pump.    If this doesn't stop my heart than I must have already died.   Gorgeous and not a flaw in it.  {365 days of Valentino shoes seems like a pleasure right?} I am only showing the fushia version of this slingback sandal, but there is a breath-taking black-on-black all noir version {peek here}.

Whew!   That was a lot for Tuesday Shoesday, but really, where could I have cut this off?   I felt like I was leaving one behind if I didn't include it.



Red Velvet Valentine...{one more time}

I forgot to include this Red Velvet recipe in my last post.   I saw the recipe on Taste and Tell Blog recently and thought that my family {especially son #2} would enjoy.

Lovey Dovey with Bouchee {Sneak Peek}

I am putting another sneak peek on the blog today.   The Rose Meringues from Bouchee Gourmet Bakery are just one of the gorgeous impeccable treats from the sweetest bakers I know.   They dip these meringues in Dark Chocolate if you can even believe it.

I will post the rest of their Valentine's Menu very soon.   In the meanwhile you can find them at Bouchee Gourmet online and at Bouchee SD on Facebook.

Tuesday Shoesday...

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

Tuesday Shoesday...

Here is a sneak peek of some of the stunners I will show you today. 



Wearing {Actually}...

My kids (some not all) have INFLUENZA.   Yes, the kind that they are talking about on the news.   The kind we should have been immunized against in October.   Well, this isn't a blog about the immunization debate (we got the shot by the way, I guess a little too late).   This is a blog about stuff that is Pink or Pretty.   So let us get going on that before I waste too much time.  

The reason I mention INFLUENZA is so that I can paint the picture of much time spent in the HOME.   I don't want to get too bogged done in using Lysol and running the humidifiers that I end up in sweats and some grimy ponytail.   I still have to go on the school-run (for the 2 kids not ill) and sports practices.   My work is all being handled VIA INTERNET and my new iPhone 5 (watch for better pictures soon).   So, onto the news...

Wearing {Actually}...  This pink Devotion long-sleeve from Lululemon.   I love it!   Forget that Coral Horror nonsense of last week, I am back in!   

On the Lulu website the shirt is described like this: 

We created this lightweight long sleeve layering piece to keep us covered without weighing us down. It's soft, silky and cut loose so we can move, bend and stretch ourselves out. We like to keep it close by during class because it's soft enough to use as an eye pillow during Savasana. Choosing what to wear is a piece of cake.
Here are the best 2 features:
  • lightweight Vitasea is buttery soft against your skin
  • long in length to cover your rear

Did you get that part about "long in length to cover your rear?"  That is a bonus for sure.   Well it is cute and comfy that is true.   I doubt I will ever make it out of the home to get to yoga at this rate, still two more kids and husband to catch INFLUENZA.   What if I am on duty until Ski Week? 

The next thing I am wearing {actually not just dreaming about} is also Lululemon.   I know I have mentioned that I ordinarily love the Wunder Under Tights.  Da da da da...

I am wearing Wunder Unders!  They are BLACK and NOT SEE THROUGH (remember the 


What else might I have on as I am working as a home nurse, house waitress, maid, Pink 

Frocker, you ask?   

Source: shopstyle.com via Amber on Pinterest

If you guessed a PUMP, then you are wrong.   Time and Place for pumps, Time and Place. 

This is a job for flats, sparkly flats to keep it interesting (click here for an option less than $60,

and here for an option less than $25).  Yes, all hardworking industries; nurses, servers, 

cleaning experts, and fashion industry insiders are wearing FLATS to YE OLDE JOBSITE. 

I am telling myself that I am like Vera Wang in her Atelier {"Vera Wang Blogs about her 

Leggings Uniform"}. I am sure that these leggings and flats  are going to go the distance and 

turn into a uniform if some kids don't get to school soon.   In the meanwhile, in the style of 

Vera, I will be nursing back to health with 7-Up and some Red Velvet test recipes (peek in at 

them here).



Red Velvet Valentine...


Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

I gave you a sneak peek of the Red Velvet deliciousness that I am making in February {here}.   I want to show you the rest of the line-up.   My kids are so lucky...

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Red Velvet Marble Brownies

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red Velvet Bread Pudding

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

Red Velvet Milkshakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes {Georgetown Bakery Recipe}

Red Velvet Waffles

Last but not least... Red Velvet Hot Chocolate