Milkshakes + Clark Kent + A Party Dress + 50 First Dates


Yesterday on the blog, I asked a question; What do milkshakes, Clark Kent, a party dress, and a 50 first dates have in common?   

The answer: My 20 year high school class reunion- and I am going to tell you why!  Watch how I add up MILKSHAKES + CLARK KENT + A PARTY DRESS + 50 First Dates into one story. 


I have so much that I want to say about my 20th High School Reunion.   First of all, I had the best time ever and need to make it back to my hometown more often.    I saw my friends, enjoyed the warm Utah summer weather and hit some of my FAVORITE spots.   

When I send a client to a big event it usually goes hand in had with some tried-and-true styling advice of how to get ready for the event, what to eat, and tips for success.   I followed none of my own counsel {think of it like a day with a FAT PERSONAL TRAINER, leaves you wondering a little...}

So, instead of noshing with non-carbonated lemon water, lean turkey and cucumber slices, the HUBBY AND I HIT IT HARD!   I am talking about load of Diet Coke and then we hit the real iceberg.   This isn't a metaphor, we hit "THE ICEBERG DRIVE-IN" in Salt Lake City for the best best best real ice cream giant deliciousness.   Yes, imagine it a little like pre-event drinks only without alcohol, or any refinement.   There we were with our melting amazing MILKSHAKES with just 20 minutes to go before we needed to walk into my reunion dinner.   It was like time was standing still and we enjoyed every last spoonful!  {The husband also had enormous onion rings and the secret Utah FRY SAUCE, if you must know}. 

Chocolate and Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes from The Iceberg Drive-In Salt Lake City

Clark Kent

I had some running around to do in Salt Lake City before my reunion {more about this in 50 First Dates}.   I was dressed in my casual-Saturday-top-and-jeans number when I hit Iceberg.   I had tested out my dress with jewelry in my hotel room {see sneak peek photo} to make sure it was still going to work, but that wasn't at 5:45, that was hours before.   Yes, folks, eating ice cream with the clock running  in a relaxed weekend ensemble as If time really was standing still.  

I had bought tickets for a dinner event and flown all the way there with an outfit to blow the whole thing off for a drive-in milkshake, get ready in a drive-in bathroom while standing on toilet seat cover and fluffing my hair in a dirty mirror.   Yes, this was my CLARK KENT moment, where I changed from something everyday into a much tighter, less ordinary, spandex something and I did it in a tiny phone booth bathroom under some very unique and harsh circumstances.   It isn't easy doing a full-back zipper while trying not to drag my butt in HERVE LEGER across the dirty potty.    

When I emerged from the bathroom in my dress and a bag of discarded clothes it was time to get a move on.   Husband was a little surprised at how the whole thing turned out, hopefully pleasantly surprised.   I did make sure there wasn't toilet paper stuck on my gorgeous shoes. 

A Party Dress

So much of an event is what you are going to wear, at least that is the case at The Pink Frock.   I spend a lot of time for my clients to make sure they have the EXACT thing for their event that they need.   I am a little OCD about the details; no heels on grass, no red lipstick for a wine tasting, no wash-and-go hair for work conferences.    I hope that all my clients love what they wear and wear something they love.    

Just like sharing my client style files here are the details: 
Dress - Herve Leger (from a private collection), a designer that I had worn before and had good luck wearing it {similar here, and here, and here for less than $150}.   
Shoes -were Christian Louboutin Very Prive in Black Patent {other options here and a cute sandal here}.  
Bracelet- Oscar De La Renta {no longer available but gorgeous options here and here for $6}
Milkshakes- The Iceberg {multiple locations see online}

50 First Dates 

Since this blog is mostly about clothes and other of my work products; I will do my best to wrap up my reunion weekend into a really really neat Pink Frock package.    I should confess that even though I dress other girls for their life events and am always picking out dresses, doesn't mean that I am doing the same thing for myself.  In fact having my firm The Pink Frock is a little bit of an obstacle for me to style my own event.

Think about the colorist with the way too much root grown out and almost like a black beanie- highlights?  An occupational hazard of being in a service related industry is that you can lose your motivation for tackling your own project, or simply run out of time to tackle your own project.  This is a real concern, especially if you are a fat personal trainer because WHO WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.
So here I am challenged to figure out what to wear to the occasions in my own life and still maintain some enthusiasm for The Pink Frock and vice-versa. That and I am so picky and OCD about having the EXACT RIGHT THING!   

I had a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to wear to suit the time of day, time of year, venue, and et al.  Here is the 50 FIRST DATES part.   Finding the perfect outfit for an event, mine or a clients is like dating...A LOT! 

Some first dates are awesome, have a lot of attraction, allure, and you want more.   Lots of times however they have NONE of those traits and are rather awkward, ill-fitting, or so boring you can’t stand it, some are sent home very early-  EXACTLY the same as sourcing a dress. 

I thought about a couple of different jumpsuits {see here and here and here} and a ton of dresses {check here } but didn’t ever feel the love.   Even after I had the dress that I wore I was still searching for something better {still like dating}.   I was even took my hubby to the mall {ummm... consider this like a "It's Just Lunch" speed dating scheme} in SLC, before Iceberg, for a final look around {hopefully this answers the jeans and t-shirts minutes before the reunion question} because I had to keep my options open.  

The truth is that it isn't your dress+shoes, it is how you feel, and if you are happy then you are all set, I needed change directions and instead of looking I needed to get to loving what I was going to wear.    So, I cut the speed dating off, went with what I had, got a milkshake, pulled the Clark Kent, and got on to the party.   Phew!

With the best, funniest, prettiest friends a girl could ever have in a lifetime!



Party Dress {Sneak Peek}



What do milkshakes, Clark Kent, a party dress, and a 50 first dates have in common?

I will tell you tomorrow...


Puerto Vallarta | Vacation Style | Summer 2013


On our way to Mexico... lots of stripes and polos

Summer Vacation!

It is not all heels and gowns at The Pink Frock- that is just the girly artistic outlet that I have created for myself.   What is really really really important to me hardly ever gets put on the blog; my family.   

I thought I would give a little peek into how Halestorm did summer this year- there will be some mention of dresses and sandals too.  



Cinderella Slippers | Wearing ...{Actually}


Christian Louboutin Very Prive 

The Cinderella Slippers are off and the reunion season is over!   I had the chance to send a lot of great girls to their 20th reunions this summer and I was grateful for it.  Turns out that I have a fair amount of clients who are 38, hmmm...  Styling other events a fun way to warm up to going to my own reunion in Salt Lake City {last night, in fact}.    

In all the looks I put together, the shoes turned out to be the frosting on the cake.   I sent some very cute Cinderellas out-the-door in great heels, wedges, and sandals.   Everyone wearing what was appropriate for their gathering and venue; include cowboy boots for one amazing diamonds and denim theme {also love these, another pair for less than $100}

For my party, I ended up in a simple Christian Louboutin pump for a clean classic finish to a look that needed a less-is-more heel.  I also considered a closed-toe pump or a strappy sandal, but ended up loving what I had. 

Thank goodness for a very stable platform and quality details on those shoes that took me into the late late hours of the night. 

The most incredible pair of shoes I have seen this reunion season was a pair of black and tan bow-back vintage pumps that my gorgeous friend was wearing last night.  I will try to get a picture of those as soon as I can. 



Sunny | Sunnies | Utah Summers


I am enjoying the warm sun and clear skies of Utah this weekend.  I miss the long days and good friends I left when I moved to San Diego.    I am making the most of this weekend.   

Oh, and I am keeping my eyes protected with Karen Walker Sunnies.  {



Anthropologie Fanned Raffia Pendant | My Jewel Box


Fanned Raffia Pendant 

Just a quick share of my new favorite necklace.    I love it!   It is rope, and raffia, and a little sparkle.   It was perfect today with my favorite skinny crop jeans and a silky t-shirt.   



Style Files | The Pink Frock Client | Herve Leger


Herve Leger at ShopStyle
Herve Leger Paneled Bandage Dress 

I am taking time out of HAWKING the Nordstrom Sale {and the J. Crew 40% off sale for that matter} and doing the real work of The Pink Frock.    

I have a fantastic client headed to her 20th high school reunion this weekend {same as me} and this Herve Leger frock is going with her.    It couldn't be more fantastic!



Booties and Butter London

Tory Burch "Brita" Bootie  { also like the LK Bennett} {or this one under $90}

I am in sandals with a glittery pedicure in a brilliant shade of Emerald {my color here} so it feels a little disingenuous to talk about boots, booties, and pumps.   SIGH... that is Fall Fashion for you; so rudely interrupting one's summer vacation. 

Here is one more of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.  I  love the Tory Burch Brita Bootie; classic, polished and looks really great with skinnies and skirts.



Gorgeous Outside | Not Ready for Fall | The Best Time for Denim


Paige Denim "Skyline" in Jenna

Even though it is gorgeous outside and I am still in my post-Mexico beach vacation bliss, Fall Fashion is happening, so let's get to it. 

Want great denim, now?   I did! So I hit the Nordstrom Sale {again} and came up with all the jeans I will need {want?} for the year; skinnies, baby bootcut, waxed, and everything in-between. 

My first pick was Paige Denim Skyline in Jenna, {love the shoes and jacket too!}.   This is a gorgeous fit and totally flattering premium denim jean.  There really is no season that this jean won't work for- in amazing, temperate, everyday-is-paradise San Diego that is.   Every where else you may need some time off of jeans in the really hot sticky summer months.   

The rest of my favorites are below: 

Paige Denim "Manhattan" Baby Bootcut {also love the Hudson}

J Brand "8112 Mid-Rise Rail" Skinny Jeans { also love 7FAM

AG Jeans

Joe's "The Skinny" Coated Stretch Jeans in Black

Enjoy filling up your denim closet, and every other part of your closet too for that matter...


Shoe Lust | Not Ready for Fall


I am not ready for Fall!   I did however have to take a little time out from summer to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.   I came up with some really great stuff and I am glad to share my picks in the next few days.  

In the meanwhile...Don't miss out on the gorgeous Frye Melissa Harness Boot.   It is the perfect distressed leather riding boot and the best price of the season.



NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale

Blind Date | Shoes and Hair


Hypothesis... Hard Science indeed

First things first- I can talk about hair all day long.  I can talk about anything hair, like what I am currently using {Morrocanoil Medium Hold both on my hair and as room freshener {almost} and all the other products and processes that go into having great hair.   That being said; shoes are super important and I want to talk about them A LOT too!

Let me tell you a story that includes both HAIR and SHOES that will prove the hypothesis above...

First the hair.  I was set up for a blind date on Friday.   Yes, yes, yes!  A friend of mine set me up for a blind date blowout at Browtique.   It is no secret that I love Browtique {} and last Friday I was booked for brows {because there is NO other option}, so it should have all made sense.  Except, I have my usual blow dry spots and it is hard for me to step-out with a new girl, because it feels PROMISCUOUS!  I had to push those feelings aside, because is it logical to think that the TV Show CHEATERS would follow me into a blowout to prove my infidelity?   Hardly, but that is hair OCD for you. 

As the appointment time approached I had the same nervous energy that I used to have when meeting a boy for a blind date {a long time ago in a far-away college before I met my hubby}.  I was worried about the blow out; would it be wet at the root, too much product, bad technique?   I have hair OCD, which is very different from having perfect hair, and with it comes much much worry about undetermined outcomes.    

My date, Angelina was a perfect {hair} lady from the start; sweet and funny and the consummate professional.   I had two washes, a softly scented conditioner, a perfect head and neck massage, and the right temperature of rinse.  Does this sound like I am setting the mood for a date?  

After the twirl of brushes and the ideal amount of dry (not wet at the roots and not scorched).  Angelina knew what she was doing and it showed.  Her training in Los Angeles and New York has made her an expert in giving gloss, twirl, and volume.  

This blowout was meant to last 4 days if I played my cards right.  Cards? My tricks include a great dry shampoo, a satin pillowcase, and sleeping with my hair in a softly-scrunchied high-ponytail.   4 days later I still got compliments!

Now, about SHOES and my real date with my hubby.  I wore so many shoes on Friday- everything from my Nike Flyknit to my Jimmy Choo pumps {busy day- lots of costume changes} that it was FLAT OUT time for something easy on the date.  I went with J Brand distressed jeans, a silk top from Equipment, my Chanel flats, and my blowout. 

Date Night included sushi and the luxury theater to see Man of Steel {which was GOOD even though I usually hate space-themes, was it because of the hair?}.  I have to think that when you have happy hair and a great shoe that you will AUTOMATICALLY like your clothes, date, and movie more than if you didn't.  Is this proof of the hypothesis?  Properly done hair and good shoes make for a really great time. YES!



*one more big thank you to Browtique, Dee, Krista, Lindsay, and Angelina for your unparalleled professionalism, friendship, love, and perfection* 

Flared Jeans | A Lovestory...


50% of women surveyed in a jeans poll recently said that they wished for the return of flared jeans.   I would say that they have never been out!  I can not get enough of my J Brand Lovestory or my Hudson Beth Baby Bootcut.    I would say that Victoria Beckham agrees; there is no shortage of pictures of her looking fabulous in flares.   

Look here for more of my flared jean favorites ...  

Don't wait for a trend to come back around; wear what flatters you all the time.  



Weekend Wear | H, I, J Brand, Kain Label...


I'm shifting gears into a more weekend look today due to the sore knee and all the Halestorm jobs I have.    It is the end of school {no more teachers, no more books}, so I am about to get a ton of HOME-work, and need to dress for it. 

Check here for some of my picks



Flat Out| My Favorite Flats


I have hurt my knee while running so no heels for me this week.   Check in here for my favorite flats. 

Which Shoe? | A vote on The Pink Frock Blog


I need some help.... I have an obligation that I am working on that requires a few very specific pieces to the outfit.   There are parameters that I must work within and cannot change.    I want to hear your vote on which shoe shoe be the pick.    Let me explain further.

The details are as follows; work event with cocktail attire, outside, East Coast, evening, white silk dress {like here, or here, or here}, and there will be LAWN and speaking at a podium.   Please also note that the requirements also include a very difficult to find size.   

I have narrowed it down to the above picks because they suit all requirements and will still keep the project within its set budget.   The Kate Spade Pump is elegant and adds a ladylike refinement to the look and possess a heel that will not sink into a lawn.  They will also provide stability during the speech.   The gold wedge is more jewel like and adds a glimmer to the ensemble.  I like to pair a little warmth with a great frock for a  cocktail/dinner event.   The wedge will still have a stable heel and elevated profile.  

 I would love to hear any thoughts.    I am also open to suggestions, but please email me first to ask the specifics.



What I want to wear today...


What I want to wear today... This gorgeous champagne-colored dress from Alice and Olivia.   It has just the right amount of sparkle.



Vacation Wardrobe | The Real Deal in What to Pack | The Pink Frock


I read an article about women going on holiday. This article included survey results showing what items a woman buys before vacation and how much she typically spends.    SOOO... what was the big news?   I gave a sneak peek {here} 6 dresses {see a cute one here}, 5 tops, 2 shorts, 3 pieces of jewelry, 3 pairs of sandals/shoes, sun lotion, a beach bag, sunglasses,  and 3 cosmetic items.   Wow!   Supposedly this is the average woman.  I would add the average Pink Frock woman would also have white jeans.   It is 100% fact that you cannot vacation in the summer without a great pair of white jeans.

What surprised me is that the average women spent roughly $373 these 22 items, which is just under $17 per item.    I think this is the staggering part of all of it as it takes an inordinate amount of effort to shop and find that many attractive items in a range of quality that you can live with.   I love a great bargain and shop for lots of Chic and Cheap items {see here} but I am finding the total number of items and amount spent a little hard to believe. 

What I really think is that the women surveyed ROUNDED DOWN to the FURTHEST HUNDRED. Yep, I think this is creative accounting just in case names were used when this was published.   I think this mathematical creation was to satisfy YE OLDE HUSBAND {it was conducted in the UK} more than it was accurate.

Mother's Day | What I want to wear today | The Pink Frock


Mother’s Day

The Perfect Mother’s Day : Impossibly Chic Ensemble + Fabulous Hair + Gray Diamond + Valentino Rockstud Sandals + Four Boys that make my life amazing

Francine top is visually stunning and has been called Alice Temperley’s favorite . This appliqued silk beauty is just the right touch of ladylike and perfect for a Mother’s Day fete. 

Freya skirt- a swirly girly striped silk-blend organza and satin midi. In a perfect tomato red and refined detailing.   Of course I want this to be in my Mother’s Day outfit

Saint Laurent Belle Du Jour Clutch Bag, Nude.  If you haven’t taken a peek at the new Saint Laurent (bye bye YSL moniker) you should.  The soft and supple leathers and the history behind this famous maker are a peerless combination.

Valentino Rogue Rockstud Slingback.  My Pink Frock readers already know that I am 100% completely obsessed with Valentino, Rockstud, and strappy sandals.   This is my favorite I think.   

Coral Chandelier Earrings- interesting and special.   I would love to open up a pretty wrapped box with these inside.   
Grey Fancy Diamond Ring- Think about the words I have written here: FANCY DIAMOND RING.   That pretty much sums it all up
Mother’s Day Box of Blowouts {6} Guaranteed to bring a smile to Moms face - and an even bigger smile to her hair. 


Saving Face | Browtique | The Pink Frock's Busy Season


I gave a little sneak peek {here} about this post, and it has everything to do with BROWTIQUE saving my face, my dignity, and my spring!

SPRING... What Does that mean to me?  First let me say that spring time commitments tend to get in the way of blogging; work, charity events, wedding clients, new mommy clients, volunteer obligations, and of course my family. So, it has been a couple of weeks and for that I apologize.

Behind the scenes at The Pink Frock has been a completely overwhelming amount of responsibilities for me.   I have tried to find the balance in life and have become very practiced at saying "no" to jobs and extras I know that I cannot handle.  After all of the "no's" I am still left with 4 amazing sons to raise, and incredible husband that loves to spend time with me still, and the non-profit events that I find demanding but rewarding. 

I find myself faking my way through family dinners (quesadillas and tangerines?),  skipping the spin class (well you know I need new shoes), and didn't make my bed (ok, twice, but that shows that things really are slipping).   What I can not fake is skincare and eyebrow grooming!

Yes, I said it!   Did you think this was a true confession of terrible neglect (you read the part about the unmade bed, right?).   The neglect was gradual, with a little bit of half-effort in the skincare department despite having all the right products, and the brows.   I felt like I was keeping up with it ok, tweezing strays and using a brow brush.   HOWEVER, this was not enough.   One day during the height of my Spring FRENZY, I needed serious help, and I really had no time.

 I knew what the fix was... I needed to get to Browtique as soon as possible.

I say this as openly and honestly as I can.   It felt like I was headed to an URGENT CARE, and in some ways, I was.   Here is more brutally honest confession- I had overly stressed skin that was fighting back in a fierce way, AND my brows were long and so overgrown.   I think that they were dragging on my sunglasses.   I don't think I was quite to a "BERT AND ERNIE" style of eyebrow, but it felt that way.

Browtique is a place of refuge for the wayward brow- whether it is overgrown or over-groomed, they can help.   I wouldn't go anywhere else in San Diego.   That is unless you want your entire brow taken off by nail-shop waxers or overly plucked by who-knows-who.   I have actually seen a low-budget waxing shop taking off a woman's chin hair and mustache in the FRONT WINDOW of the shop, so every passer-by could see her shame.    My quickly scheduled appointment brought me the peace that I needed.   I sank back into the chair and let the magic happen.   It is the most soothing experience {I bet you have never heard than about a eyebrow appointment} and I let the skilled ladies of Browtique take over.   These ladies know me and all about how to help.   Services aside, I love Browtique for the warmest and loveliest atmosphere in the industry.

I am not going to get too far into the specifics {find a service menu here}of what I needed in this appointment because frankly it is embarrassing.   Let's just say that my skin was BEYOND stressed and in a condition that I can't speak about and my brows were just sad sad sad.   All of this felt like a heavy weight, a condition that was draining me because it needed to be managed and I really didn't have it in me.

I will say that I got everything I needed from my appointment.   I felt lighter  {a great brow appointment will actually make you feel like you have lost weight} and a whole lot brighter {so many other things that helped this}.   To make it even better, I left with... wait for it... PRODUCTS!   It is so important to get great products and have a knowledgable practitioner who can recommend the SPECIFIC fix for you.

Here are a few of the things I picked up.....

The Perfect Pad

An Incredible Mask

A Miracle Serum

These three are a powerful trifecta and along with all the other magic tricks I came away with saved my face.   Yes!  Totally True, Saved my FACE!   I am not one of those girls who has to be convinced spend a little time and money on myself to feel better, I already KNOW THIS, but in this case I simply was over-committed and under-powered for what Spring had in store for me.   So while Quesadillas and Tangerines for dinner never hurt any family, ummm... letting life get too out of control and having the BROWS I had was simply TOO MUCH.

All my love to Browtique,


How Browtique Saved My Spring... {Sneak Peek}


While Browtique Spa in Rancho Santa Fe isn't an Urgent Care per se, they certainly knew how to resuscitate me after a heavy workload this Spring.

more details to come.....

Haute Mama: A Girly Day at the Shops | The Pink Frock | Blossom Mother and Child


I shared with you last week a little peek at the collaboration I had with Blossom Mother and Child for their Lookbook series.   I was asked to style a Girly Day Out for an expectant mommy and I had a great time doing it.    I picked a few completely fabulous pieces from Blossom and added in richly detailed accessories, amazing shoes, luxe handbags, and some very fine toiletries to make a very special collection.     I want to share the entire experience here on The Pink Frock Blog. 

Here is what Blossom had to say:

"At the start of the month we launched our first ever Maternity Lookbook. The Lookbook series is all about getting expert style tips and lifestyle recommendations for occasions you would like to be styled for. After lots of chatting on Facebook and Twitter, we took a list of your top themes to our favourite bloggers and stylists who then create fabulous looks on our Pinterest (
The incredibly talented Jess from Mumzy-Not brought you the Wedding Edit for our first lookbook and following in her very stylish footsteps is stylist extraordinare Amber from The Pink Frock. Tying into the very popular occasion ‘Girly Day Out’, Amber treats us to her looks, style advice and pregnancy lifestyle tips.
Blossom loves Amber’s ethos and approach to styling. Amber collaborates with her clients to bring out their own unique personal style with the ultimate goal of leaving them looking and feeling their absolute best. She custom tailors each client’s experience to fit their individual lifestyle needs, goals, personal sense of style, and (of course) budget.
Check out Amber’s finished board on our Blossom Pinterest. You can also have a look at her outfit picks and detailed style notes below!"


Beautiful with the most flattering neckline. An easy essential piece for an expectant mommy. Layer with skinny jeans or pencil skirts. This top can be worn after baby too while you are getting your shape back.
9 months up and 9 months down (if you are dedicated to it) so buy great prices like these skinny jeans that fit and flatter and will take you into the next phase- new mom. Skinny jeans look great with all sorts of tops, tanks, and jackets and are worth the investment.
Topshop Fringe Bouclé Jacket
A fabulous jacket paired with maternity pieces is simply the best way to get a lot of mileage out of your look. Jackets should be worn open- don’t worry that it doesn’t fit the way it used to. It adds detail and allows the pop of color from maternity tanks and tees to show along with the baby bump.
Diane Von Furstenberg Circle Scarf Ink Bomb
A fabulous pop of color and detail that will add that extra wow to any ensemble. The best part- there is no size to worry about. Fits now and forever. So chic!
Perfect Sunnies
A face flattering modern cat-eye pair of sunglasses. Fresh and clean… In pregnancy it is important to flatter the parts of your silhouette that aren’t constantly changing- great glasses, glossy hair, perfume, and a fabulous handbag will make-up for the times when you don’t feel like anything else will fit.
Red Valentino Leopard Ballet Pumps
Running around calls for style and comfort. A quality flat in a special print will last you through pregnancy and beyond. Most mamas experience a change in shoe size after the first pregnancy so buy with this in mind.
An absolute stunner! This statement bag couldn’t be more covetable. The shape and detail are amazing. Look for structured bags with interesting details to add interest to your maternity wardrobe and beyond. Don’t get caught carrying a nursery printed plastic-coated nappy bag.
Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour
A perfect nude lip for all seasons- keep this in your handbag for touch-ups. You will fall in love with the luscious scent. Don’t look back on photos from this time in your life and wish your lipstick wasn’t so bright and clown-like. Wear a flattering pinky neutral for the most versatile and ladylike allure.
Ring – Moda Operandi
Add in interesting accessories to a wardrobe of maternity basics. Spend a lot or spend a little but the glimmer of gold adds something special to even the simplest ensembles.


A perfect blouse- detailed and modern with clean lines and a great fabrication. Don’t skip over quality buys like this. Take care to add in pieces that will look great- 9 months can be a log longer than you think.
Great Pants are necessary to keep a girl motivate during this time of bodily change. Get amazing skinny jeans and wear them through your pregnancy and after. Love the dark rinse…
Leather Jacket
Soft and drapey and totally gorgeous. Leather jackets are a value add to a pregnant mums wardrobe. They allow more interest and warmth but at the same time will carry you through some of the more mundane moments in pregnancy dressing.
Pregnancy sometimes means a lot of crying, laughing, and crying again. Weeping at really small things can make a mess of carefully applied makeup. Be prepared with terrific sunglasses. Pull them out at a moments notice and always be picture perfect and looking poised even if you don’t feel it
Tory Burch ‘Reva’ Flats
I love cobalt blue mixed in with black and grays. It’s rich and luxe and is just the right way to add dimension. Keep flats in your bag if you are more of a heels kind of girl; sometimes pregnant feet just need a little break
Loeffer Randall Tamsin Classic Pumps
Ssss… snake detail pumps in just the right height are a laid-back luxe detail for an otherwise uncomplicated ensemble. These pumps will add that final WOW to a lunch date with ladies
Forever 21 & Links of London
Add visual interest to your maternity wardrobe with a pop of color like this cobalt pendant. It allows for new details to be added to your ensemble with a little expense. Layering up unique pieces of jewelry is a quick way to add polish and details to ensembles. Don’t skip on details during pregnancy. A little sparkle here and there take an outfit from drab to fab.

                                                 HAIR AND BEAUTY

Having great hair tools such as the Ibiza Collection Swirled Extended Cork Round Brush means you are one step closer to professional looking blowouts. Your hair is the accessory you wear every day- keep it glossy and styled.
Take good care of your hair and it will take good care of you. Consider this a pre natal vitamin for your locks. They will be glossy and strong and perfect! ALTERNA® ‘Bamboo Volume’ 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray will keep your gorgeous style firmly in place!
I love a light but sensuous fragrance. Acqua Di Parma leaves a lingering allure without being overpowering for day time.

For more about Blossom Mother and Child please visit them at