Little Gown on the Prairie {My Husband's Ambien}



Last week I started blogging a little segment called "My Husband's Ambien".   I have had some readers indicate that they don't understand my meaning behind this title.   I will explain.

I don't mean that every night should be a hot-n-heavy fooling around in the home with your spouse.   I know that with kids (four sons), sports, work, and volunteering that this isn't reality.  Even without kids, sports, work, etc you might not want the H-N-H (hot-n-heavy).  GOOD NEWS!   This blog is about clothes and not the other stuff except as it relates to clothes.

What I mean is that your wardrobe and the clothes that you wear send a message to those around you before you every open your mouth to say anything at all.   For instance, if you are a profession yet your working wardrobe could best be described as "sloppy genius" most likely your clients, patients, customers with only see the SLOPPY.   So, you should look into that as soon as possible and make a change (I can   

About this non-verbal message... "My Husband's Ambien" is about this message.   The things that I want to say to my husband or any women to the man in her life comes across in her wardrobe.  This is where the H-N-H comes in.  Hubbies don't love sweat pants.   WHY?   Sweat pants say the following:

I am tired
I feel fat
I am cleaning toilets
I like my butt to look saggy
I am not interested in looking good

When I saw Ambien, I mean a drug or clothing choice that really puts the men to sleep.  It could be the sweat pant, or another more fashionable but less understood choice.  It really is far-reaching in its definition.   It isn't truly about bedroom behavior, because again this is a blog about clothes. It is more about how you feel about yourself and what you choose to say with your clothing choices.

For example- Little Gown on the Prairie
Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Look at this wedding dress!  This is marketed as a reception dress with a vintage-y feel for that boho bride who wants to be "barefoot, expressive, hippie, blah blah".   I am sorry but nothing says GOOD NIGHT to a groom faster than wearing Laura Ingall's Nightgown to your wedding.   This is not flattering, it isn't flirty, it is the OPPOSITE of romantic.   So, here we have this week's candidate for "My Husband's Ambien" .  

Thank you to all the readers who have emailed my there photos of sweatpants, ratty t-shirts, scrunchy buns, and tevas.   It is much appreciated.