My Husband's Ambien


I wanted to started a new section on this blog, to be posted on Saturdays. This section is going to be called "My Husband's Ambien". I want to explore further the which clothing items put him to sleep?

I have heard that there is no need to invent a female Viagra, because MONEY has the t effect. My argument in this editorial action "My Husband's Ambien" is that a Rx isn't necessary to put the lights out on attraction in your marriage; Ye Olde Sweatpants can do that.

Here is my first candidate, I have posted the online sales description below:

"When your day calls for nothing more than a great cup of tea and a good book, these Jag Jeans® cropped jeans will fit right in with your plans."

Right... So there you have it. These pants aren't even intended to leave the home. So, check out the photography of the backside of these pants. Why would I pay money to have a flat saggy butt like in the photo?

If the pants put me to sleep then they will put my husband to sleep. It is my honest belief that good men should come home from work to a better view than these saggy-crotched crop pants.

I have also started a board on my Pinterest for My Husband's Ambien. I will be updating that board more regularly.