Pink Frocks for Valentine's Dates


Valentine's Pink Frocks.... 

Pink Frocks for Valentine's Dates

Girls!  I have been on a long break from The Pink Frock blog.   The end of the year is a busy time for the Frock; client stylings, holiday parties, gift concierge services, and a personal life all eat into the time I have to blog.   I really anticipated that January would be slow for me, like every year, and I could write and post pictures of all the clothes that I want to buy and what I might have been wearing.  Oh no!  It was not to be.

I have had an influx of great clients that I will call Lady Lawyers.  These great girls too busy being legal eagles along with other responsibilities to shop for what they need.  I have loved the projects I have been involved with for lady Esquires this past month; black tie charity events, travel wardrobe, new handbag, and help with hair and accessories.  

All of this fun has left little time for online musings.  I have managed to pin a few things to Pinterest { check out my boards about clothes, food, et al} because I have the app on my iPhone.  It makes for a quick thrill to post a beautiful gown or yummy recipe while I wait and wait and wait (I have four sons, five teams, two scout troops, a three year old, and a love of Drybar) that keep me away from YE OLDE LAPTOP.   So Pinterest it is in those lulling moments.

Back to the blog!  I can't let February escape without documenting all of the PINK FROCKS and TOPS that I love.   I abhor seeing beige and gray around Valentine's Day.   YUCK!   I have said it before and will say it again -


Please, for the love, find something fantastic that feels pretty.   I will be glad to help!



ISSA London party dress
$250 -

Diane von furstenberg dress
£120 -

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania cocktail dress
£122 -

Joseph babydoll dress
£150 -

Monsoon dress
£85 -

Miss Selfridge pink cocktail dress
$80 -