The Pink Frock: A year in review ....


The Pink Frock is officially two years old (and a few months) and it has grown. I never in my life envisioned owning my own business nor working in a somewhat creative field. I have always been a bit risk adverse in my business matters and trend toward a more analytical thought process.

What I have discovered is that I do have a creative side (turns out it was always there). While I pride myself on the books that I have read rather than the films that I have seen, the appreciation of art is still there.

The truth of the matter is that I love clothes. At two years old I refused to wear something my mother picked for me because it "didn't match". This idea of the perfect outfit has stuck with me since toddler hood. There were many emotional middle school days when I couldn't find something that suited my particulars to wear. I had a grand vision that I wanted to wear black suede shorts (remember that trend) to the first day of 11th grade. I saved my summer life-guarding money to buy them. It was so important to me that these shorts made it into my closet. I was more concerned about my outfits than homework at times.

AP Biology, AP European History, and high school fashion show coordinator were all on my resume. The clothes part of life has always been important and exciting to me. Many of my memories will start out with a description of what I was wearing... " so I was walking on campus in my Banana Republic burgundy jeans and new Enzo glossy leather mules".

I was simultaneously a graduate student and working retail (for the discount) trying to reconcile the middle east peace process with markdowns So many years of school later with a specialty in nuclear policy and international relations I still love to play in my closet. That joy has carried me into The Pink Frock and made it an endeavor that brings me so much satisfaction.

I still love to read books about The Six Day War and biographies of Mao, but I also love knowing that I have moved at least one great lady away from wash-n-go hair and khaki crop pants. Turns out there is a job for my mind (International Relations) and one for my hands (personal shopping and client styling).

So it turns out I have found the perfect mix of academia and art: The Pink Frock and post-grad history classes let me be the girly girly nerd that I have always been.

With a heart full of gratitude for the two successful years in my own endeavor,

Amber and The Pink Frock