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It really would be a shame to wear that tired old red sweater to your neighborhood Christmas party.  What is worse yet is that you can unravel a year of healthy habits in just a few get-togethers.  What I see a lot of is sloppy clothes result in sloppy manners.  If you are wearing a baggy top and your eating pants, then you will not want to push back from the chicken wings.  However, if you are wearing a chic top and slim taffeta skirt, then you will stick with sparkling water and a green olive or crudite sans dip.  

I have posted my holiday service menu below for some of my most popular services.  I will remain available for all standards services throughout the season.    

Holiday Menu

Sugar Plums

Date Night outfit lookbook

Outfit Consultation

Shopping List


Not Mrs. Claus

Lose the Frump and find the fab…Personal Shopping for Holiday:

Outfit, Jewelry, and Accessories


Sleigh Ride Get-a-Way

Romantic Weekend Wardrobe Plan

Personal Shopping for everything from Spanx to Sparkle

Concierge booking for hair, nails, and makeup


Contact for a list of highly recommended style professionals for your Holiday Date manicure, blowout, or make-up appointments.