What I love about turtlenecks... {part II}



I love turtlenecks!  I know I have already blogged about that.  I have also mentioned that a personal style rule is no necklaces over turtlenecks.  I have always felt like my curves are enough of an accessory on top that a necklace is too much.  I feel that turtlenecks in general when they fit properly {tight but not indecent) show off enough of the female shape that a necklace on top of all of that is gauche.  

I will still not {most likely unless I get this exact outfit} wear necklaces over turtles, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ensemble that I saw on weardrobe.com.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on turtlenecks and necklaces together or any of my other style-rules for myself {no santa anything, no overalls or rompers, no disney clothes, no tube tops}.