Last Night at the Bar ...


Drybar Team Welcomes You

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Drybar in San Diego.  It was a privilege to say the least to be invited to a private event at a blowdry spot.  If you know anything about me then you will understand why this is was so exciting for me.  I love good hair!  I love to have my hair styled by an expert. I think that hair is the accessory that one wears every day and so there should be no skimping on it.

Drybar is perfect for me; it is a spot that is close, cute, clean, and dedicated to the art of the blowdry.  In all my years as a personal shopper and stylist I ave been looking for this exact thing.   I have great hair girls that do a good job on blowouts, don't get me wrong.  The problem is that they have other clients who want cuts and color.  The scheduling and and distance is always a problem.  I have always found other cities (e.g London and New York) to have more of this type of service.  San Diego's time has come!

The Bar

 Drybar is open very early to really late, and full of stations to accommodate girls that want great hair without having to book weeks ahead.  This is going to be perfect for clients of The Pink Frock.

Hairwash Stations

 Drybar is so cute and clean, I have to mention that again. I loathe a dark and grungy salon.   I had unlimited citrus water (they have endless choices for free beverages) and a bag of sour watermelons.  

water and florals

They have a really cute menu of services and treats.  I choose the Cosmo-Tini hair and the aforementioned watermelons. I also watched great movie on the plasma TV with closed-captioning- important details when there are 8 or 10 blowdryers running in the background. Altogether is was so FUN!

The Menu

Even the bathroom is 100% darling and is not simultaneously the storage closet like at some salons.  In fact I want to recreate a few of its details at my home.  

Cutest restroom ever...
I was able to take a couple of friends with me.  I should have raffled the chance on this blog.  Instead those lovely ladies (with now amazing hair) took me to dinner after.   So, althogher my night at the 'Bar couldn't have been better.  My hair was still amazing this morning too, not unlike Blake Lively (see below).  

My hair was like the bottom left..
So friends of the Frock, the secret is this... great hair makes me very happy. 

Amber  The Pink Frock

* all images are courtesy of Drybar Gallery