Ugly Shoes


Every day I play a little game with my husband.  I post the ugliest shoe I can find onto his Facebook wall.  Sometimes I identify it as "ugly shoe of the day" or similar moniker.   However, most of the time I write him a note that includes a hint of the risque.  My veiled-dirty note might say something like "I'm thinking of something black, leather, and lace-up for Valentine's Day".  Then I post the ugliest, most-mannish brogue style oxford shoe. 

This game leads to some good laughing on my part.  Its a little way to flirt with him during the day but also let him know that I am never going to be caught dead in a sling-back croc or Clark's anything.  I have posted below some of the most offensive examples of WOMEN'S shoes that I found recently.  Yes, yes, WOMEN'S, not men's, not grandma's, not clowns.  Take a peek!   Feel free to email any examples of other yucky shoes that you find and I will be glad to include them in the rotation.