Very Tasteful but Mostly Nude....


I have heard this phrase before when a very handsome lead singer came to headline a benefit concert that I helped coordinate.  He was "wowed" by the sexy elementary school moms on campus helping to raise money for education, the  very reason his band was there in the first place.  Well, good looking band guy thought that to bring in even more revenue the next go-around, the fabulous moms should do a  photo-calendar.  This said calendar of Grizzly (our mascot) Moms should be "very tasteful but mostly nude" he said. This would bring in the most money along with the concert revenue.   Well, I have thought about what he said for a year now (it's time for that fundraiser again) but for a different purpose.

I happen to have an obsession with NUDE!  If I could describe my wardrobe as "very tasteful but mostly nude", I would be thrilled to do so.  Imagine, a closet full of classic, feminine, well-edited garments.  Imagine further the pumps, sandals, and glossy handbags.  Now... the dreamy part; it would be mostly a NUDE palette.  Camel, almond, sand, slate, quartz.  This would be perfect, perfect, perfect.

Christian Louboutin Simple Pump in Camel

Victoria Beckham Dress, Brian Atwood Shoes, Nancy Gonzalez Bag

Alexander McQueen Dress and Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent Sandals

Burberry Peep-Toe Ballet Flats

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti top

Gucci Round Sunglasses

Roasntica Quartz Necklace

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal
Net-a-Porter thankfully provides all of the stunningly beautiful photographs of very tasteful but mostly nude clothing and accessories.  Sadly, these are not photographs curated from my own collection but borrowed to inspire....