Valentine Work Week...


If you don't have the luxury of celebrating Valentine's Day all week long with a series of romantic picnics and candlelight dinners, then read on.   February is all about the fun, the feminine, the pink.  I have a house full of boys and boy gear, so I really treasure February.  This is my chance to have ruffles, lace, and jars of pink candy.  I love almost everything about it. ( I do hate low-budget stuffed animals holding a rose, necklace, or candy).  There are so many cute things to do to celebrate and I try to find ways to fit in hot pink, cherry red, and ladylike style the whole month.  Ladies! There is really no need to make your look unprofessional or unrefined just because its attuned to the holiday. This is not about wearing a lame red cardigan over a faded pink t-shirt and an "anything goes" approach to outfit-making. Noooo...  *** see blog posts about NOT dressing in orange crap for Halloween***  Please take care and plan something gorgeous, flattering, and romance-inspiring.  Old, ill-fitting, cartoonish type clothing is not romance-inspiring.

So, if I was headed to my Fantasy Office during Valentine's season, I would wear the following outfit.