A Lady at Church


So the saying goes "casual clothes, casual manners".  This is the absolute truth!  If you have ever noticed children at school, the ones wearing jerseys and athletic shorts are more apt to disrupt class then their more formal classmates.  Children should wear school clothes to school and sports clothes to sports. The idea of appropriate dressing is so anemic in 2011.  "Casual Friday" turned into "Casual Everyday" turned to sweatsuits on errands. So it goes in the chapel, this same trend is occurring in houses of worship.  A skirt is not automatically church attire. A skirt can be worn 7 days 7 ways, but only a few of the incarnations of a skirt (along with the other elements of the outfit) are church worthy.

Yet there is a new generation of church-goers who don't have the slightest knowledge of what is appropriate.  How many times have you been to a wedding and there is a cousin in a faded sundress and worn sandal or slinky satin bustier-type dress and fishnets. The second outfit is indicative of the other problem in "for-church" dressing; too sexy of clothing is also problematic at church.  What constitutes "Sunday Best" now-a-days is shocking too me.  I have a real distaste for flip-flops and t-shirts paired with some wrinkled a-line skirt worn into church.  That same feeling of distaste also goes for exotic-dancer heels, high-split skirts, low-backed dresses worn to ordinary Sunday service.

I saw today a very elegant women dressed in a very appropriate and lovely frock to attend a baptism.  She looked feminine and beautiful while at the same time being modest for the occasion.  I have posted below set that has the same feel as her ensemble.  She was refined in every way and spoke to the lost art of modest femininity.