What I would wear today: December 13th


Today's fabulous outfit is not for my Fantasy Office.  It is rather a cute and practical yet impossible chic ensemble for other activities. The simple black pant and elegant bootie make for a stylish template.  Add to that the asymmetrical seams and the batwing sleeves of Splendid's cowl neck and this look goes from day-to-night.

 I would wear this outfit to death.  It is perfect for taking a meeting, lunching with friends, running kid's to their activities, or a dinner at hip spot.  This is what I would call a 7 days/ 7 ways kind of outfit.

Isn't it perfect?  I thought you would agree.  It is priced at $120 which by the time I get done with it, amortized, that will be a $0.01 per wearing.

I have included a few other options in the top to at all price points to show variety with a similar feel.

Charlotte Russe's version  for $16.50

This is a heavier knit than the Splendid but still possess the batwing and cowl neck details that are so modern.  This sweater by Numph is available at ASOS.  It is on sale for $78

Regardless which top one bought the resulting outfit would be absolutely terrific.  In conclusion this is what I would wear today ... absolutely.