What I would wear today: December 13th


Today's fabulous outfit is not for my Fantasy Office.  It is rather a cute and practical yet impossible chic ensemble for other activities. The simple black pant and elegant bootie make for a stylish template.  Add to that the asymmetrical seams and the batwing sleeves of Splendid's cowl neck and this look goes from day-to-night.

 I would wear this outfit to death.  It is perfect for taking a meeting, lunching with friends, running kid's to their activities, or a dinner at hip spot.  This is what I would call a 7 days/ 7 ways kind of outfit.

Isn't it perfect?  I thought you would agree.  It is priced at $120 which by the time I get done with it, amortized, that will be a $0.01 per wearing.

I have included a few other options in the top to at all price points to show variety with a similar feel.

Charlotte Russe's version  for $16.50

This is a heavier knit than the Splendid but still possess the batwing and cowl neck details that are so modern.  This sweater by Numph is available at ASOS.  It is on sale for $78

Regardless which top one bought the resulting outfit would be absolutely terrific.  In conclusion this is what I would wear today ... absolutely.

Skinny Jeans and Sequins


Skinny Jeans and Sequins
Skinny Jeans and Sequins by amberbrittain featuring low rise pants

I am loving skinny jeans and sequin stuff.  I know it is the holiday season so the outfit on the left of course caught my eye.  However, moving into Resort (January in retail speak) I still love the look of sequins. 

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My Top 5... Rain Boots


 I am obsessing over rain boots.  I thought that I was going to get a pair last winter during the El Nino weather pattern.  As it turns out I just drove through the pick-up line at school to grab my boys instead of venturing out in the elements without a proper boot. 

1)  The Hunter Regent Savoy at Zappos is my first pick.  I love the equestrian styling and the "quilting".  How chic is that.  It is also a lot less expensive and more wet-weather appropriate than a similar looking leather boot.

2)   I have loved this WedgeWelly for a year.  This Candy Girl pink couldn't be any cuter.  I love how girly it is and the wedge means a long lean look for your legs as you walk through puddles.

3)  In the spirit of The Pink Frock and all the great pink things that there are to buy is this Tory Burch Logo Boot- Limited Edition.  This is stylish and practical at the same time.  It fits great!  It also benefits a good cause with a portion of proceeds being donated to breast cancer research.

4)  This sensational looking boot is completely weather proof!  The signature Burberry check fabric is made of synthetic material so you can spend as much time in the elements as you need.  Zappos Couture has this boot with free shipping.  Please note that all reviews suggest that this boot runs a bit small so size up.

The last fabulous rain boot on my top 5 list is ....

5) Kors Michael Kors Stormy Rain Boot  looks like the motorcycle boots we ordinarily wear but is made with a rubber upper.  This way you can walk through city streets or on wet grass (e.g. kid's sports event).  Ladies, this is the boot you should get to avoid punching holes in the lawn with the heels of a leather boot.  It is also suitable for so many outdoor occasions without being a Sorel after-ski boot.

One of these days an appropriate and stylish rain boot will show up at my home via special delivery.  I will then be able to walk my children into their school or other occasion in my wet-weather boots.  No more drop-n-drive in order to keep my better shoes (like Louboutin suede wedge) dry in the car.

The moral of the story is; the more clothing and shoe options I have, the better mother and stylish lady I will become. 

What I would wear today: December 6th


If I was headed to the office today this is what I would wear....

Net-a-Porter has this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress and all trimmings if you want a chic work look that has a bit of holiday flavor.   I love this dress; the fit, the fabric, every bit of this dress is amazing.  I even like it in RED.  I usually have a rule about red clothing but this dress will have to be a caveat.

Amber's Rules for Amber

No Red Clothes
No Red Sweaters
No Red at Holiday Time
No Red Sweaters to Christmas Parties

Enough about my rules for my own stylish dressing (the complete list is long but refined and it helps rather than hinders the styling process.)

Back to what I would wear today.  This is going to be an every Monday posting.  So please check back weekly for an update of my dream closet and stylish picks.  They will not always be for my Fantasy Office, but will include dressy occasions, vacation, and other great opportunities to look good.

If you want a lower priced option for this dress check out ASOS.  They always have great dresses. 

  This Ponte Knit dress by ASOS is less than $70.  It comes in five colors including red so that you could easily re-create the look from Net-a-Porter.    The dress below is another option from ASOS as well.  It  is priced similarly to the other dress and comes in several colors.  It would be great after work with just a change of shoes and addition of a sparkling earring.

 ASOS also has thousands of terrific and affordable accessories to compliment every article of clothing that they sell.  Think clutch purse, great tights, and leather belt to round out the outfit.  If you missed the Alaia belt featured with the Net-a-Porter dress above (it is completely sold out), then order this belt from ASOS and have it shipped (free right now) with your dress.

So there it is!  One day not long from now I will return to full-time employment . I will be wearing fab dresses  and sexy but tasteful clothing as I pour over security documents or write papers about political instability. Until then I will style myself, my friends, and my Pink Frock clients with all the love and attention that I can give.

Best of luck with what you are wearing to work. Remember to email me amber@thepinkfrock.com if you want help selecting tasteful ensembles, dressing the body that you have, or selecting vacation wardrobes.