Have you met Gigi?


This outfit is as close to my personal style as I can show you without using a picture of myself.  This is the kind of outfit that makes me the happiest.  I love J Brand jeans because I want a great flattering fit without my more delicate parts hanging out of the back.

I also love a good looking show and Christian Louboutin and I are fast friends.   I also love a great 3rd piece.  The fact that I can always wear a jacket of sorts at night in San Diego is a great bonus.  I wore something like this to dinner tonight and was HAPPY and AT HOME in my clothes.

J Brand... feel free to send my any jeans that you want me to test out.  I am the perfect candidate to preview a jean before you take it to market.  I live a life full of variation.  I will dress them up, dress them down, wear them to the park, to the grocery, to an interview, to a meeting with the non-profit board I sit on, and yes DATE nights.    Call me... phone is on.

Just keep the good style coming......