More thoughts on field trip clothing...


Here it is!  The field trip outfit.  Rather the outfit that I see everywhere I go with my kids.  Yes, I took this picture.  The sun was behind me you see and the shadow and arm of my little boy and my head are in the photo.  The point of the picture is the outfit.  I had to document her look and sadly I haven't had any training in reconnaissance photography.

Moving on to why I took the picture.  Here is a women who is dressed in clothes that while appropriate for the setting are so unflattering and so undesirable that I need to use this as an example to other moms.  Look at the fit of the pants.  They cut off her leg below the knee.  Then she is wearing socks that show well above her sneaker profile.  This makes her leg look short and wide.  BAD!  First, always were very low profile socks that do not peek out even 1 millimeter above your shoes.  Let the nature line of your ankle show.  It is more flattering to the leg.  The pants aren't doing her any favors either.  They don't do anyone a favor.  Baggy long-waisted (that is the length of the pant from waist to crotch) doesn't flatter the body.  What it does is make it look like your backside look like it is 1/3 of your body.   

                    Torso = 1/3
                    Rear-End = 1/3
                    Legs =1/3

I don't even need to get into the ways the shirt offended me.  Actually, I will name a few of the ways the shirt offended me. The day was October 29th so naturally there were many orange shirts to be seen at the San Diego Zoo.  There are those that like to get a bit festive or fall, take your pick.  An orange shirt doesn't make you festive if it fits like a sack and is wrinkled.  It also didn't flatter this women's coloring and it was so worn.  

So, I ask myself, is this what one wears to the zoo?  It the reason why I dont' have anything to wear because I don't get cargo pants at Costco when I am buying my laundry soap and blueberries?  Well if that's the case then I will not have the suitable clothes for outings like the zoo or the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.   The day I took this picture it was 86 degrees F.  I was wearing crop skinny jeans, a tie-dye ruched t-shirt and flip flops.  The flips were perfect in the hot weather but wouldn't be on a more substantial trail or in cooler temperatures. 

I saw a lot of this business on ladies at the zoo.  I am not sure why a trail hiking shoe like this particular New Balance would be required at that venue.  All of the paths are paved.  The pace of walking is slow and meandering.  It takes time to get from the hippos to the pandas.  No one is required to go overland to see the gorillas as though you were really at a gorilla reserve in the Republic of Congo.  So why the heavy shoes?  I am certain we sent a shoe like this in a military care package overseas.  I am also certain that having kids in activities like sports, school, and travel outings doesn't necessitate me wearing a shoe like that.

This is all part of the research.  Slowly, I am weeding out the clothing options that will not work for me.  Getting closer to the goal of finding what works. I will find the clothing that I need and want to wear when I am involved in activities with my children.  It isn't just field trips.  That is a small percentage of activities with my kids in which I am involved.  Just to be clear, I say "field trip" to mean outing, activity, or sport that involves outdoor or active participation.  I definitely need more choices for Pop Warner football games.  All in good time, all in good time...